Friday, August 12, 2016

A Conversation of yoochun fan and NETIZENS or haters

Ladies and gentlemen mostly ladies as all of you know, when 4 women allegedly falsly(hey I didn't say it police did) claim that yoochun raped them.The reaction of both netizens and fans are same. shock followed by crying.

While some fans couldn't bear that oppa is in this mess.

Netizens on other hand couldn't feel much sorry about the four girls

and media look something like this,for the story.

On the words of media people already gave their opinion on him.

and some like ME watching story from both sides,Really holding their opinion, not like some others who said they did, but bash either the girls or Yoochun, mostly Yoochun.cough *Asianjunkie* cough cough.

We Maybe look like this.
Now that the case is solve fans are somewhat happy and Netizens are sour Their reaction.

  • Yoochun must have gave them money. 
  • How can four women lie, 
  • Korean justice system lack. 
  • He is a rapist to me. 
  • I can't believe fans still supporting him,disgusting.
 follow is my conversation with them.

How can four women lie about these things. When a women say someone rape them they did.

ummm... they did.
and these too.
(yes I get it from only the first page of google,if you want more search it yourself. I am lazy.)
its ten percent chance that the women is lying.(According to studies from solved cases where the girl found guilty of lying) that means every ten men out of hundred are  are innocent, its definitely not unseen.
Specially if the money involve, and the person in question have money,and have to keep his image.#PerfectCandidateForBlackMail 

 Did I mention he was blackmailed before,who knows someone want to try again.

What the proof that anyone blackmail yoochun?

Police said, here is the transcripts of the translations.

Did I mention that 2nd accuser found to be a liar. not acquitted cause she can't bring any proof but her proof are wrong #Liar.

also police retrieve text messages from first accuser phone. which confirm,the sex is consexual or prostitution (which one is it? is not confirmed yet) source 1 source 2

He must have bribe the police! He is rich..

yeah... ofcourse that could happen so lets look deeper in his life and some other things, Lets see if he is capable of doing so.
The biggest problem in JYJ or yoochun life is that he can't appear in variety shows, or promote his music. Cause allegedly he was being blocked by his previous company-

Thats a myth,nothing like that is happening with JYJ.
oh its a myth(note my sarcasm) A myth that made a country to pass a law that no one can blacklist anyone one on t.v. IT PASSES THE ASSEMBLY TOO and Strangely they decide to name it 'Jyj law'. Note: out of topic {The need to make a new law came. when the society feel and assembly agreed that the previous law is failing to secure the right of an individual. As court has already warned SM that they shouldn't meddle with JYJ activities. But SM still meddle with their activities as they probably said to PD's 'we have more popular artist then JYJ, if you want us. you can't invite or can't nominate them. we don't want to be under same roof as them nor we want our artist to compete with them.' this make all the PD's to blacklist JYJ. But the court can't do anything about it.Even if a PD testify that SM told them to not to invite JYJ.Why?Cause its PD's choice in the end. it doesn't count as blackmail or Meddle. SM gave PD a choice, me or them. its not against law. They haven't threatened them that they will kill them or they made them loose their job.Meddle is when SM stop JYJ from holding concert or other activities,such as cf and photoshoot, stating you can't hire them without our permission, cause they are under our contract. As there was no law that state you can't blacklist anyone from T.V, Before. Music shows had freedom to nominate who they want.Now cause the law is pass, Music shows can't stop JYJ from being in their nominated list. Cause all the music artist not only Jyj now have right to be nominated, or else it count as blacklisting. it will clearly shows that JYJ was being blacklisted. if there album sales is much better then other artist,and they are not on the list. Other then that, that law can't do anything much for Jyj. Remember the law said you can't blacklist anyone,not that if someone said they want to come on your show, you HAVE to invite them, even if you don't want to.So until there is a show who invite ALL the singers and idols of kpop at the same time and exclude JYJ. They are not blacklisting.They are making choice.}back to things in hand.its not strange to you that Jyj don't promote their music on music shows,when they stated they want to,while others group do it so religiously.  Not a single PD of any variety show ever invited them despite the fact that they ARE very popular. There albums are on top ten charts, yearly top ten charts,that is. Yoochun is an A level actor.  
They have no problem in inviting actor Choi min soo. who beaten a PD and sent him to hospital, did I mention he had also done it before,with another PD. So the argument that they are not get invited cause they might have misbehaved in the past with someone,is invalid. Specially without any proof that they did so or any rumor that they did. So it only means one thing, that Cjes claim that SM is blocking them is correct.
Now lets see SM,they are filthy rich. Cause they are blocking Jyj there moral are obviously shady. Jyj still hasn't been able to make it on Music shows, even after the law means, SM is powerful,and kind of above the law. They made RevenuesSM $286.98m yearly and super junior is there 3rd biggest group in terms of giving money after EXO and Girls generation,respectively. Now look at Kangin case,was they able to made him innocent? No. A powerful company couldn't save their most money making group image. Why? cause you can scare or blackmail people to ever dare to testify or stand against you but once reported,buying police is not a piece of cake. Now lets look at lotte group,wasn't they, are a powerful group and family. its same situation once they are reported they can't save their own daughter. So arguing that he must have buy the police is as same as someone argue that the crocodile wasn't able to eat the shark but a gold fish did.its stupid..period. 
Notice that not a single girl from four girls have taken their case back. (first girl doesn't count because she refilled the case) so Yoochun wasn't able to buy them. and according to Cjes the blackmailers were asking for too much money, for settlement if I must add. So Yoochun have no option left to prove them wrong. or he want to prove them wrong. Who knows, its his heart. All we know from FACTS is that he didn't buy police or women. Police themselves acquitted him of these charges. 

you know what the problem is Korean justice system. b

This is because in Korean law states that force or intimidation must be used to the extent that the victim is incapable of resisting for it to be considered as rape.

If it wasn't for that law Yoochun would be in jail right now!

umm.. no he wouldn't. The only thing that law did, was that it saved police from more hard work.

Note: That even though police initially said as following.

They later said this:

  • Police have also forwarded their findings about the second individual (hereafter referred to as “B”) who pressed charges against Park Yoochun. The police declared that B’s claims are false.
  • In regards to Park Yoochun pressing charges of false accusation and blackmail against A, A’s boyfriend, and A’s cousin; the police have acknowledged that the three individuals are guilty of blackmail. The police have stated that they will have a supplementary investigation regarding the charges of blackmail and forward their findings after doing so
So if he didn't rape two women means he didn't rape the other two either. What actually may will happen, is that they found him completely innocent, in all the cases. so the  only person who suffer a loss in this scenario is Yoochun.

Remember what Dispatch said His CEO is a son of mobster, and he DO go to those bars, he saw a stripper show. How can you not believe the story of 5th women. who didn't file the case but give her story to the press, it was heart breaking.

umm simply because I don't take tabloid words over  police's. its a thing that person with at least some IQ should do.
but as I am explaining everything to you lets jump it in this one too.

First Yoochun's CEO is not a son of mobster. its a rumor and a misunderstanding.
On year 2007 Actor Kwon filed two cases against two people for blackmailing him. One case have no connection with the other but only that it filled by the same person and at the same time. 
CEO Baek was his manager and was trying to establish his own company. 
Actor Kwon said that CEO Baek said to him that."You should sign with me I know you from too long, and I know all your secrets. you know its not good for an actor if bad things come out about him".or something along the lines. 
Note: I read those article six months ago. when I heard Song Jihyo dated him. Now, I can't find the article with transcript anywhere. if someone has it please give me a link.
Actor Kwon have no tape of CEO Baek threatening him. The audio tape was of the gangster. So please stop mixing these two cases and please read carefully.
CEO Baek said similar thing, according to him he said "you should sign with me I know you from too long and know all your secret."
The actor argued that he said these words to threaten him that if he wouldn't sign with him. He will reveal all his secrets.Which made the actor sign a contract with him.
CEO Baek argue that he didn't meant it to threaten but was meant to say cause they both knew each other from too long,to the point that nothing is hidden from him he is the best candidate to be his CEO.
In the end court rule in favor of the actor and CEO Baek was send to jail for 8 months for blackmailing and Actor Kwon's contract with him was nullified.

The other case Actor Kwon filled was against Kim. who WAS A SON of a well known MOBSTER. He have audio tapes of him threatening him of killing allegedly making his house a blood bath.

here is the proof.(I am still looking for transcript article I read six months ago, this is an other one)
(BTW if any of you wondering what happens with mobster Kim case. Actor Kwon took it back saying he misunderstood his words, although he have tapes of mobster threatening him. just saying what happens when you are  ACTUALLY fighting against a big mobster.)
Now you see where the rumor came from and why people think he is a son of mobster. He may have blackmailed the actor but he wasn't a son of mobster.
(I added 'may' because...I am a fan of Jihyo, and she work with Cjes without a contract for four years. I don't think a blackmailer would do that. Also actor kwon got in a Allgedly DUI case and definite hit and run case, after few years, and fled the crime scene. So, his character is not that bright either. personal opinion, )
My guess is that some butt hurt fans must had spread the rumor wildly at the era of separation of tvxq,cause most the forum I found with rumor dated between that timeline. it must had done to gave the illusion that Jyj have shaken their hand with gangster after SM. Because a huge gang's  name is also 'Baek' in Korea, it worked. 
Why police questioned CEO's father then and his friend? that because first accuser said that CEO's father and his friend was at the alleged settlement and threatened her, Also CEO Baek's father is the head of board of directors of Cjes and the friend is one of them.
She may also have heard the same rumor of mobster. Unfortunately the police and at least I know the truth. 
If you run it threw your mind not once police said CEO or his father are gang related. Only MEDIA said that police said this.

That statement from POLICE only made the rumor that first accuser cousin is actually is a gang member, somewhat true.
Dispatch, as a tabloid just want clicks, so its not a surprise that they post the rumor without any confirmation. 
Tabloid have no obligation to confirm anything, so its not their fault that you believed them, its yours. Always remember that.
If they lied about one thing they can lie about the other, so I am not going to take their word for stripper or anything. Again its a Tabloid, it might be true, it might be not.

Now the 5th girl. So some of you may not know that, but the 5th girl never filed a report, instead she gave her interview to some dispatch worker. I just wanted to clear that.
I don't know much but my hunch is that Cjes can't file a report against the 5th girl. cause its from Dispatch.
As she didn't file the report and don't want the police to confirm her story. I personally take it as tabloid. 
Now the story of second women. which she gave to a show name 'PD notebook'. The Only detail story we have.
This is also MAY give you some inside that how police may have solved this case.
Who are you to know what happens in rape cases? because its about your precious oppa, suddenly all of the fans think they know all about rape cases.

First I am not a fan, I read psychology as a hobby specially criminal psychology; criminology.
I have followed way to many rape cases. So I think I at least know them better then you. and let my knowledge speak for me.Before you judge. I will give you proof of everything. Back to case

Although 4 women filling a report against Yoochun made him a criminal in public's eyes. but actually in police's eyes he became more innocent. Why?

Sign of force

Although they found other proves  too, but the police may have guessed it all along when all four cases came without a sign of force. 
you see law makers weren't really fool to place this law,This law was made,while keeping the ethic of law in mind.
'Even if a criminal gets away an innocent shouldn't be punished' (I tried my best to translate it)
Law makers don't see women as angelic being who wouldn't ever, shout rape after a one night stand. So this is the best way to secure an innocent man.
The best way to insure that an innocent wouldn't be punish is to make that law, as there is a sign of force in 82% of rape cases, excluding the one in which victim is under drug influence or alcohol influence. So they didn't hurt too much to need a hospital services.  as  they can't defend them self. it will become 99% if we add the one under influence. I will give you some links of real rape cases below. Note: when they said brutal rape means it have sign of brutality means have bruises.  
None of the women in Yoochun's case said they were drugged or had too much alcohol.
Note:  if you don't want to do that much reading its okay I understand. I will tell you what they said just want them to put there as proof.
These cases are from first page of google. They are not picked to make a point. If you write 'real cases of rape' & 'shocking cases of rape'. You will find them. I didn't even change the order. Only exception was books, four links who said how some men falsely accused of rape. political movements and statements.

what you see in these cases excluding those who doesn't give details of crime scene. Remember when its says brutal it means the person have injuries. Have  sign of force, or the person was drugged or under alcohol influence. 
The list above made it look like 100% but its because its difficult to find a case without force and I only pick cases from first page of google,so its most likely that they wasn't there, but the actual number will be 99%, remember I added drug in this number as sign of force. As none of the women stated in Yoochun's case that they were drugged or was unconscious.
82% rape victims use hospital services.
The victim who doesn't suffer from bruises are mostly the one raped by a family member often blackmailed and threaten. There story mostly start with sexual assault until the predator become so confident ( I don't want to use word 'brave' for that sort of ppl) and raped them on their own bedroom or theirs, again and again. Many times in course of month or years. sadly.
The difference is the victim is one person. if she is scary type. She is. Also as I said before victim were mostly blackmailed into it. None of the victim said they were Blackmailed.
Even children resist or get hurt as you can see in the case below.

Same case details with only using brutal rape and no details.

Now before we get any further. some of you might be recalling the time when you were sexually assaulted ( I read once somewhere that there are only 0.0000001% women in the world who have never been assaulted, touched without will, or experience any verbal assault or cat calling. its 5% for men) and you didn't said anything or get no bruise or scars. That's because rape and sexual assault are too different things. Yoochun was accused of rape not sexual assault.
In sexual assault a women, mostly underage girls; teenagers are confuse and scared they are trying to get out of that situation, without causing a scene. In the back of their mind they are continually debating whether people believe her or the predator. What people think of them afterwords? or are they overreacting and the person is only trying to be friendly.
Same reason many rape women doesn't come forward. Cause once raped, there mind start working again, asking same question.
(Mind you that I don't find it strange that other women filled the case after seeing the other. its perfectly normal, but their stories are obviously way far from reality.)
 Once past that point the brain is no longer reacting as alarmed. its start telling you to fight, you don't even know that you are resisting and fighting but you are doing it. As I said before even children resist and fight,they don't even know whats happening to them but most of them fight.

Also some men hurt women in rape,even if she do nothing, cause they want to make a point.

No sign of force doesn't mean he didn't do it?
Correct, A girl can become scared while being raped and if the predator only want to have sex and don't want to harm her, it may end in no bruises at all.Rarely,but its not unseen.
But it can only happen once NOT the 2nd time
..or the 3rd
..or the 4th
As I said before. Four women filling a case against him, act in his favor if see through facts. (it will definitely goes against him if they are true)
Rare things happen repeatedly. Four times in a row,No one want to kick his butt, which makes your eyes to roll, and add to it, these girls work in a BAR.
The women in their early twenties don't even bear sexual assault silently. its very unlikely to rape them without force. specially if the women work in a bar and deal with horny and drunk men on daily basis.
Here is Park SoJin telling her story of how they deal with perverts
Do you want me to believe that normal girls, who occasionally meet dirty men are better in dealing with them and saving themselves than the women who met them everyday?

one person become scared.(okay happen sometimes)

Second one too...,(wow Yoo chun is lucky. No one want to kick his butt. Even though they work in a bar and all grown up, they aren't fighting.)

also the third one (I have a question woman how you deal with the other drunk horny men in the bar, a bar which is in Gangnam a place full of gangs and they are cold-hearted horney men? did I read it wrong? or was it a bar for monks? where no one want to touch you until Yoochun walks in, the only horny man you EVER saw in your life.)
The fourth one is scared too.(that made things fishy,very very fishy, its beyond luck now. I mean its is very much possible that you have dealt with a drunk man, who want to touch you, An HOUR AGO, but somehow you all forget how to do it, when it comes to Yoochun. is he Medusa? that one sight of him made you of stone)

Remember more then 93% women try to resist, put up a fight.
Seriously how these women deal with other horny man me to that bar? 
They tried to resist the 2nd women said that in her story,but Yoochun was so strong and they are weak women?

I know, I am coming to it. So if she resist and put up a fight, as others. Remember 82% women need hospital services after rape. 
That means every four women out of five. So, at least 3 women should have hospital record to show. lets be generous 2 women but in Yoochun's case not a single one had any hospital records to show, or EVEN said that they went to one. Also bathroom is not only a place without CCTV, as everyone only want to press, on that point, but also a place with stones and tiles,with slippery floors.which easily give you bruise if you are not cautious. This makes those girls chances of getting a bruise  10 times more than the others.
I challenge everyone here to try to wrestle AGGRESSIVELY with someone in a tiny bathroom and come out without a single bruise. IT. IS. NOT. POSSIBLE. 
(warning: don't do it you might end up in hospital)
  • If they try to resist there should be bruises...
  • If the didn't try to resist, question is why?
There is no way out of it. whether which option you chose. its goes against those women.
Now lets come to the biggest part shall we. Atleast the biggest for me.
Crime scene.
Doesn't all of you find it fishy that even though the reporters are doing every thing they can to put a new article everyday on the table not much of them are interested in showing you the crime scene.
That's because there is a thing called common sense. which we all have in our self, that common sense told the reports that its a little hard to rape someone here, and they are afraid that it might tell us too, and they will most likely loose the best story of the year.
One report however shows it which you can see below.
Now according to this report what we picture the place is something like this.
You CAN rape someone here the bathroom is too faraway from the room. No one will hear anything. The distance is okay but the size of the bathroom is not,as you can see its very small. I will tell you how small it is. but let me explain something to you first.
The place they made you imagine is wrong. its camera trick and editing.

They showed you this room first
and then moved the camera to this bathroom.

 Now we need to still the picture right here.
A.Notice the wallpaper of this wall  
B. Notice the color of floor.
Now lets see the video further. 
See the place the showed you with lights off. it was this room.
They first show you some other room then the allegedly crime scene bathroom then some glasses then the alleged room.
The bathroom in question is an attach bathroom to the karaoke room.
So that change the place map to something like this.
Now its hard for 1o men and probably one employ who were all there to not any one of them hearing her screams. The room was small the bathroom was small too not enough space for a sound to fade naturally.

The music was On Loudly...

Okay How loud? Remember even if we are wearing headphones we hear when our mom scream at us from that near. May be I should tell you first how close these spaces are? and more about how they should have bruises.
                                                          No allkpop, its not that big

Now some of you have exceptionally good rods and cones so you can determine, How much the actual space is from only a picture,but sadly most of us can't do it.
Clue: if you want determine the width of bathroom. See the wooden thing in right. where the door is attached when you close it. which I don't know what is it called.(by the way its called the door frame, my sister told me that after reading this and calling me stupid.)
So I ask my architect friend for it.
according to him the bathroom is approximately 2 feet in width , cause the sink is tiny yet it is taking nearly half of the width of that bathroom and 3 foot in length.
So lets put it in simple words. Cause his words didn't help me in imagining it either. The width is approximately of a small single bed,

For the length its nearly half of your single bed's length.
now minus half of your bed's width for urinal and sink. The left over space is, where these girls say they were raped. The space that left is of a small bench.
Yes, there is only enough space for two people to barely stand there.
And barely a space for a consexual sex. 
and not enough space for a rape without hurting the person.
First nor you or the girl can spread your arms or legs. you can't straight your spine as there is not much length space left for it.
Imagine if you are wrestling with a girl here. The hands arm, legs and head will continually bump into either the door or wall or sink or urinal, the space is so close and tiny. 
Nothing that sort of happens THREE times
The sink is fragile and maybe with bump or two the nut will get loose and the sink crashed to the floor. I am not exaggerating but someone could have died here with their head or neck hitting in wrong areas. Still nothing happened to them NO bruise, either those 82% are very fragile, that they get bruise even though their predators raped them in more spacious place or these girls are straight up liars. I go with second one.

Maybe Yoochun held them too tightly, to resist or to knock there hands somewhere.

First he is Yoochun not hulk. Men have more strength then women, but they don't have that much strength. 
Yoochun is lazy he don't do exercise much. which made him have a bit of tummy, and made his fans to complain. He is the one who skip dance step, and fans made fun of him. He was voted the most weak member in Jyj by fans. I also found out that he have asthma. So I won't count him as a person with lot of strength. 
Also even though we didn't saw the second woman's face. We saw her body in the show 'PD notebook'. She wasn't skinny and looks quite tall. So that makes her not on the weak side either.
Secondly, okay I agree with you lets count him with the one who have more strength  then two Kim Jongkooks, cause you need at least that much strength so that a woman wouldn't be be able to move her arms or legs or anything an inch in any period of time while you are raping her. Then Yoochun would be in a bigger problem cause grabbing someone body with that much force leaves your bruised hand print on victim's body. which forensic CAN confirm with checking your hand length width and distance between your finger length. it will also made your nails DNA to go into victim wounds. Even its a small scratch. so if that would have happened. Yoochun will be convicted as rapist,but unfortunately for some people he didn't do it.

Yeah that reminds me Running man
Do you remember Episode 142 when Haha tried to wrestle Kim Jongkook.
Even though Kim Jongkook had no intention of harming him, his friend. 
Haha still got scratches which he got from wrestling Kim Jongkook. Which he was showing to Yoo JaeSuk.
Haha respectively (I am a fan) with Kim Jongkook is same as man and woman, according to strength. 

Specially when does last time you came out scratches free when you tried to wrestle your friend to snatch things from him. In all this keep in mind that you are not trying to harm the person or save yourself aggressively.
Don't tell me you believe that nothing happened to those girls. In bathroom full of stone, tiles, wooden doors, metal sink. door knob and anything solid possible. in a tiny space of 3 stadium seats or one and a half average pillow. While they tried to fight with him with all there might?
its unlikely, out of the world thing happened not once but thrice. That lie seriously is very hard to swallow.
(Thrice because third accuser said it happened in bathroom of Yoochun's home, Maybe Yoochun have a bigger bathroom)

Back to hearing screams in loud music so first this is how headphones work

They block the voices outside and make you hear only one voice of music,eventually still a voice or sound breaks in if the wave is too strong
Now how speaker works or loud music works.

So many music waves go inside your ear that you don't notice other sound, but does notice them time to time. Now a high pitch such as scream will enter your ear , you will notice.
Now as you see before the bathroom gate is big for the bathroom, it covers all the bathroom nearly. which made of wood, voices pass through wood very easily.
But still ten men didn't hear anything at all.
There are also YooChun's friends in 2nd woman story.
And in the third women story (although third women said it happened in his home bathroom so we don't talk about it here, that story have its own plot holes.
The most details story we have of is 2nd women. so here it goes
“When you turn the music on there, it fills the space. [Park Yoochun] sings and turns club music up really loud. I didn’t really know how to match the mood because I hadn’t been working there for long, and I was thinking about what I should do when he came and put his arm around my waist and started dancing.”(so you were standing while other people are sitting on the sofa? and if everyone was dancing that made them more near to the bathroom, one foot away)
She continued, “He kept asking me ‘How much money do you need,’ and ‘Why are you here.’ He then said, ‘I can’t hear you, let’s go to the bathroom.’ I didn’t think anything of it and followed him in.”

“He asked, ‘How much money do you need that you started working here? I can just earn money and then quit.’ His tone and attitude made me feel like he was trying to buy me, and his constant talk of money started to annoy me. He kept talking about money. He then kissed me. He grabbed my face and kissed me, and when he pulled away, he said, ‘What is this, there’s no emotion.’” 

“A” said that at the time, she was in the middle of her menstrual cycle. “When he was kissing me, he lifted my skirt, so I told him to stop. I definitely said the [three] words. To stop. I said, ‘Stop, I’m on my period.’ He then said, ‘Oh, but I still need to see if you and I are compatible.’”

She said she tried to leave. (hold your horses here girl 2 minutes are over the song he put is over, people outside, not even two feet away can clearly hear you both now while they are picking their next song, and you I guess probably shouted that line)
“I was going to leave, but in the moment when I looked in the mirror, he took his pants off.(which Mirror? you need a full body mirror to see that, it ain't there, secondly if its that bathroom you don't need to see in the mirror he is probably only inches away from you, there is no space, thirdly Now from her this statement we can assume she was standing beside the door and Yoochun was standing on the mirror side) When I was standing there frozen in surprise,( not only her all the girl were surprised, 'gasp' not a single one ever see a pervert before) he forced me down. I said I didn’t want to ( and everyone can hear outside) and I wasn’t going to, so he then stood me up and turned me around.” ( so as we assembling their position she is now right next to the door,the space is tiny,if one standing next to the mirror the other must be standing next to the door her hand is literally touching the door handle, yet she didn't open it,) 

“I started crying, ( that means her brain is no longer in shock, its feeling sorrow and even releasing tears, yet she didn't open the door,Why?) and he said, ‘It’s okay, because we’re going to date. We’re going to date now. You’re going to give oppa your number, right? Right?’ I didn’t respond.”

“I didn’t want to [have sex] in that way in a bathroom where everyone can hear. ("where everyone can hear" I aint said it, she did) Especially when I’m on my period,(Can you tell me how he get rid of your blood there is no shower to flow water there, nothing there to collect water,and even if we agree that he did it with collecting water using his hand,then there is no floor gutter and no stopper infront of the bathroom door to stop the flow from going outside to the room) even if it were my boyfriend. I’m not even asking for help. Really, just the fact that it happened in that small bathroom (you mean tiny)is so embarrassing. And I was scared: ‘What do I do if people find out?’”(that thought came in your mind after the rape not at the moment when your brain is in fight or flight response)
She explained that she really needed money at the time. “I needed a lot of money. I needed money for education. There’s no prostitution (Then they must have a bouncer to stop anyone who get out of hand, Oh, My bad that bar is for monks not in Gangnam, the area of gangs, no one ever got out of hand. only Yoochun did) [there] and you can earn a lot of money, so [I started working at the ‘ten cafe’ (adult entertainment establishment)]. I had never heard of [employees] leaving to go to a second location [with customers], and [the ‘cafe’] also stops you from going, because they don’t want problems.”

“In my opinion, [Park Yoochun] treated me as something less than a human being. If I were someone he really loved,(why would he love you,were you his girlfriend? How did this thought even came to your mind. I never ever saw a woman who was raped by a STRANGER talk like that) would he have done it like that, there? As a man. [I think he had] the thought that ’the girls that work there won’t be able to report anything, they won’t be able to deny what I say, and there’s no CCTV in the bathroom,(as I said before pressing only on that point) so they wouldn’t dare think to sue me.’”

“A” said, “I think he thinks that he’s a celebrity and a top star, and that we wouldn’t mind sleeping with him. For me, I honestly needed the money, and my parent’s don’t have a great background, so I was working there purely for subsistence. But for the simple fact that I worked there, he thought nothing of me and sexually assaulted me. I can’t forgive him.”

In addition to the interview with the woman, the show aired a clip of an actor, who remained anonymous, speaking about his experience with Park Yoochun, in which he explains his difficulty believing the news: “First, [Park Yoochun] is so sincere, and in terms of work, there’s nothing to complain about. In every aspect, I honestly only have good things to say. He’s respectful, always nice to the staff. Because of that, I truly had a hard time believing what I read in the news.”

May be his friends let him do it even after hearing everything, scumbags like him

if you have read the links I give above you will notice that either its gang rape or the men try to stop the rape. There is no such thing as let him be but I won't do it. Never seen,Maybe there are 0000.1% chances of it. its black or white. Either they are partner in crime or the 

one to stop it.Read few and you will know.

Also I found out that Yoochun have asthma,When I read his last intervew before Miltary. 
So after drinking and smoking. His air ways;bronchiole are already inflamed, Medically he have
 40% chances of having an asthma attack. if he stay in that close space for too long further
 inflaming his airways from polluted air and not enough Oxygen. 
 force someone on top of it. Make him have 60% chance of having an Asthma attack. Again it didn't happened in all four times.
Also One small punch on his chest on that sensitive time of his lungs
and the chances rose to 80%
So it should have happens in atleast one case.This means his sexual partner IS giving him break to breath, and not burdening his lungs to work more as need in forcing. it also suggest that even though Yoochun did have sexual encounter with one 'first woman' in bathroom, He may not have done it several times, Cause forced or not He will have atleast one asthma attack in four times, Which made us  lead to the conclusion that he may not have sex with others Individual or probably doesn't know them at all.

Yoochun confess himself as quoted "that although he did shock and embarrassed them, he didn't rape them".
He said no such thing nor police did, SBS said that when they falsely reported that Yoochun was acquitted of sexual charges. Which police denied. However when the real report came out there was nothing sort of that in police statement.
Look here he is psychopath. He made a girl and a boy being dirty in bathroom.

Look closely its two men,Yoochun draw both of figures
 with short hairs, means its frindship, second drawing a man
 is singing which means music
 and yes the famous toilet. 
it was a joke, like that famous poop emoticon. do you
know that emoticon is the 3rd famous after smile and sad face. 
There is a bathroom theme restaurant, they give you food in toilet seats
Which is quite popular
Also GDragon, Hyuna, Nicole all put bathrooms in their MVs.
GDragon in seveeral Mv's
its a joke which cost him so much. Yoochun is a quite private person
One who hate sasaengs the most. The bathroom is only place
where he get some privacy. so its simply because of that its
beautiful to him or again it can be a joke, as 99% people
on the internet like that poop emoticon. 

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