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Yoochun case part 2

I hereby give everyone permission to translate or use any part of this article if they give credit or link to this article.

This article is not proof read yet or may never will be cause I am lazy, also I do know who is here for some truth and wisdom, is open enough to let go few mistakes. The others WILL  say. BUT a women can got scared. NO THEY Don't. thats the point of whole article to show you that, what happen in REAL CASES. sexual assault victims and rape victims are different. women kept it quite for sexual assault cause their mind is still working. in rape case flight or fight respond triggered. Which is not in victim hand to control, its a human thing proven by psychology. so yeah they are different until they are drugged or threatened with a weapon, or blackmailed. saying its okay, its okay,won't shut up a women,ppl use your mind.

Part 2

I know many have been waiting for my next part on Yoochun case but I believe,I have not much left to say, just want to give heads up on that.

The second part is mostly me,giving you theories and assumption,of why these girl may have commit this crime,from my reading and experience of criminals. which is actually what criminology is all about. So when I give heading of criminology you can leave, this post. if you are not interested in anything without proof. 


First something people criticized from my previous article.

Some said to me that the bathroom I showed is false, its not that bathroom but its this one. I am quite sure that it was that bathroom, cause Ytn and Arirang both showed that one.
But as I always said lets jump in it too.

unfortunately to them it doesn't change anything at all.
The only thing is that, I don't have to proof to you,that the bathroom is an attach one.

Now lets see this second bathroom.

Notice that cover of the gutter
so normally gutter covers like these are 4inch in width and 4 inch in height.Why?

cause standard gutter pipe size for residence and commercials are same in nearly all over the world. You can check the size of GUTTER PIPE in your home, neighbor, friend,your favorite restaurant,other countries, they are all the same size.

The tiles are looking slightly big from it so they are 5 inch tiles.

now we just need to count the tiles and we get the right measurement of the bathroom.

so 5 tiles from west to east,also 5 from north to south.

5 tiles x 5 inch = 25 inch. 25 inch change to foot = 2.08333

This bathroom is 2.0 feet by 2.0 feet as you can see the bathroom is no bigger then the previous one.Minus the space of urinal and big sink this time and we again end up in space barely left for two person for standing there. Only the sink is of stone and more dangerous now.

to the people questioning my figures.The proof is below.its came from the studies of 2007.
as you can see 100% victims have physical injuries. 
without adding drugs as sign of force.
I was using the figure of women, who receive medical services(fee for paying for there medical bills)from the National Institute of Justice. Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women,( the other 64% sadly have to pay for their own bills for the harm someone else cause on them) cause there are actual proof,a medical paper,to support the figure, that 82% percent women really need hospital services after rape, it was confirmed percentage of women need to use medical services after the Rape.
so I was actually going very easy on the girls. When I was only showing you the figure of women get hurt so much that they need to goto the hospital.
and as you can see now CHIPPED teeth and bruises count as minor injuries in rape.
I waited, I really waited for these girls to gave me at least on thing to believe on them,I pretend blind on so many things, cause I want to believe them. I waited even though I found out the third day that they are all lying but I still waited for the word of police. I think I did enough  these girls.
The figure of women lying of rape is 50% according to recent study of (2016) of yale university.
its definitely not 2% as some says,even in that study which feminist refers to the figure was actually 5.9% and was only from 136 cases of Northeastern university.  Also,that study was highly criticized because all the unsolved cases was counted as true,many says feminist do this for their own agenda. 
Recent studies also proof it

its not only make the argument of 2% a rubbish, but also proof that criminologists were right when they said false rape accusations are increasing,around the globe.
But I use the figure 10%
As you can see, instead of being hard on the girls I was actually being easy on them.
Questions about my character and me being a crazy 13 year old oppa girl?
I cant do anything about it. I will show you my university degree (not psychology, I want to make money :P hobbies and interest can't do it. ppl in my country don't like to visit psychologist until they have no sense left in them and relative have to took them in chains, a total mad person) but then you will said its fake.
I am actually a crazy fan of Daniel Radcliffe not Yoochun but that doesn't make me immature,not in anyway it suggest that my pituitary gland is not working correctly.
I give you proof of every thing,I said. So even if I am 13 year old, which I am not, does it matter? as long as I have proof for what I say, I am RIGHT and you are WRONG, even if you are 90 years old. That what rational and logical thinking really is? age doesn't define how smart you are.
I never ever bring it up before anywhere, but I am followed by Unicef,which you can check. I cant proof you that but Unicef followed me first,when I bring their attention to unfair criminal charges police have been putting on one year olds, in third world countries. which made them to add me in the 25k people they were following,(which consist of people who worked for the organization)
When I said something an international organization took it seriously. So I must be at least mature then the haters and those netizens. Who irrationally believed on those women and now, don't have guts to accept that they were wrong.
Manipulation of Evil Media.
Here I want to shed some light on Allkpop article. The two bathroom showed by media as the alleged crime scene, and there manipulation
first the article
Yoochun has reportedly followed another woman to the bathroom.

According to woman 'N' as well as two more witnesses, Yoochun followed 'N' to the bathroom on the same day that 'A' accused him of sexual assault on June 4th. It turned out that Yoochun had actually followed 'N' to the bathroom first. 'N' is actually a stripper who danced for Yoochun's group. She herself did not make any accusations toward Yoochun, but she's already been investigated by the police and has given her witness.
One employee at the location said, "'N' went into the bathroom to redress herself. Yoochun followed her with a bunch of 50,000 KRW bills (supposedly tip) held in his hand."
Another employee said, "It's true that Yoochun followed 'N' into the bathroom. But I don't know what happened in there."
So first they said according to 'N' but then there was serious lack of a comment from 'N'. one might thought that the police said that but there is no such thing as that there either.
Then they claim that she was a stripper, does 'N' said she was a stripper? No.
Police? Nope.
Any of eleven men? Nope.
If the girl gave her witness and its not AGAINST Yoochun. how in the world you are claiming that he followed her to the bathroom first with money,cause if she said that, that's means she testified AGAINST Yoochun.
What kind of twisted truth they are trying to made out of nothing.
Then there are two employees from the same bar. which two employees (A and B) are confirmed. criminal of false accusation.
Is this article can be called reliable news, definitely not.
Also in this video,I understand that you need to blur the women, but why are you zooming and blurring the alleged crime scene,if we don't look closely from 00:51 to 00:53, we might think that the bathroom is not attach. but the place look something like this.
But if we see at 00:53
Same attempt of twisting crime scene as we seen before. its definite that all these reporters are trying to hide the truth, and they should be sued for it.
False accusation vs true accusation

In a recent study from Netherland, the tried to find differences between a false accusation of rape and a true accusation of rape. They took some confirmed cases of rape. In which the rapist confessed to rape and there was also another proof like a dna report, Then they ask some women to make a false
rape stories as best they can. The study have so much variables which helped me to see that these women are lying,but I can't discuss it here cause its very complex. However the four main difference they found are

1.The false stories often have a time line of 15 to 20 minutes.
Real stories however have timeline of 1 to 1 and half hour.
Short timeline present in all four cases in Youchun.

2.Even if blur a true victim have so many detail of the event
Lack of details present in false stories, and the accuser tried to keep the story short. which is also the characteristic of lier,(so it kind of obvious they do that)
All four accuser have short stories,yes second accuser too, her story was quite short,it just look lengthy cause other victims gave super mini stories or even no stories at all, from third and fourth accuser.

3.False accuser did mention some instrumental violence but nearly all stays away from expressive violence as they knew its age of technology
instrumental violence was present in nearly every true rape case,also there is large amount of expressive violence too.
No violence was present in any 4 victim stories (yeah as I said before plot holes)

3.The biggest thing is the event afterwards a rape is present in all true stories.100%
in very few false rape cases event of afterwards are present 17%
Event of afterwards such as how she get dressed again. how she got out of the place how she get home.
2nd accuser didn't mention any event of afterwards.

In false rape cases,often when making a story,the accuser made up a story keeping in mind,that its unwanted sex.
However in real rape cases, the stories more relate to wanted sex. As the accuser,compliment them,kiss them again and again,so many sex positions are included,asking them what kind of sex they like and even apologize to them afterwards.
you can see the study as follows
warning: before reading this report keep in mind that this study is for professional psychologist and its a difficult for a normal person to understand. as they can't distinguish the difference between speech,asking identity,asking personal questions,talking to victim,being friendly to victim etc but a professional.Which can lead to serious misunderstanding as speech is part of more false cases and talking to victim is part of more true victims
Another interesting thing that study found is that the event were created by the false accuser using their own imagination, of their own life and experience. it was strongly suggested by the researches that the character of accuser should kept in mind while examining
That bring us back to the second accuser story.
Remember how I said that these girls must be sexually assaulted maybe on daily basis.
So what we saw in 2nd accuser story that the story until the sexual assault is very clear and detailed however suddenly afterwards it took 90 degree change,and start matching completely to the false accuser stories again as the research shows. The false accuser often fail to grasp the right characteristic of sadistic accuser.
other things that present in true victims stories and are absent in four accuser are:
french kissing
rapist spending time with them afterward the rape.
rapist taking or asking for their belongings(specially if its psychopaths)
multiple rape,stalking, masturbating, talking to victim, remember Yoo chun words fall under speech,He was not talking to her,as I said before its complex
Yoo chun case
From 187 variables 55 nullified, 
115 match false stories 
As I said before I pretend blind on so many things

That psychoanalyst on that show which allegedly said Yoochun is a psychopath. All I need is to throw this research on her face to prove her wrong, hypocrite, bias, gold-digger,attention seeker,fame seeker(sorry I lost my control, cause I feel she is one of us, psychology loving people and its just ugh..psychiatrist ARE doctors and study to help the men kind) and then I will ask her.
So you comment that somehow Yoochun can be psychopath cause he got fascinated in potty training. Which have a very low chance to happen, as we saw later in his life that her mother is not abusive and Yoochun have a very good relationship with her, and didn't saw that THESE GIRLS HAVE ALL BIG SIGNS PRESENT IN THEIR STORIES OF FALSE ACCUSATION.
There are 29 signs of psychopath and every 10 in 1 person in the world have psychopathic traits(that doesn't mean they are psychopath or they ever commit a murder, psychopath and mass murder psychopath is two different things) 
Those traits are often criticized and called they are like witch-hunt,Cause you can very easily apply them on anyone.
seriously I literally lost my mind when she said he is a psychopath.
You know why she doesn't know these things, cause she is NOT a criminologist she is not even forensic physiologist.
 So you should keep your mouth shut in the things you don't know. 
Psychiatrist from all over the world agree that the study of psychology is not yet developed much, cause its practices started not long ago, Study of psychology is only 200 years old, still you are commenting on someone without a proper diagnoses of the person, when its not even an area of your expertise, On NATIONAL TELEVISION, if a doctor behave carelessly and hurt a individual, people sue him,right? same should be done for psychiatrist.
I request all the fans to tell Cjes to sue her they can easily make her license revoked.
Now lets kill some rumor shall we
Now this audio of Yoochun talking to They say "Pretty sasseng". So first this audio is uploaded to YouTube,with no real identity of the up-loader whatsoever, never been confirmed by anyone, its not from police,no body confirmed if it was edited, or its really Yoochun,but not someone else with similar voice. So if I say honestly, I am feeling quite stupid, while bringing it up,as I never believe that kind of tabloid stuff in the age of technology, where you can literally create anything specially audio and pictures but like a stupid person lets jump in it too.
First what proof they have that one girl was pretty but the other girl was ugly. There is no pictures of them available on internet. So,out of nowhere, you just said one was pretty but the other (he talk rudely with) was ugly,without any proof? So its same as if I said that the sasseng he talk nicely with was ugly and the sasseng he talk rudely with,was actually quite pretty,cause we both have no proof of anything AT ALL.
They said it have unappropriated talk lets try to find some.
P = Park Yoochun S = Sasaeng P: Are you working part-time right now? S: Yes. P: What kind of work? S: I organize patient lists at a hospital.(doesn't look like sasseng) P: Ah~ S: Yeah, hehe P: So you go to school in the evening? S: Yes, I go to school in the evening, like a night school P: Ah, I see. Oh, why did you hang up so early last time? S: Sorry? P: You said something about your sister coming. S: Ah, my sister doesn't know that I bought a cellphone. P: Why not? S: Because she's mean. She doesn't let me buy a phone and doesn't want me to have better things. P: Why? S: I don't know. And she always borrows money from me and never pays back. P: Hm... I guess that could happen... S: Hehehe P: What does she do? S: She goes to a university. P: Which university? S: xx university. P: Ah~ Do you think you can get into xx university? S: I could if I study hard? Hehe P: xx is quite hard to get in, though. S: Yeah, the university has the best drama program. P: It's the most competitive. S: Yes it's hard. You also have to be good at studying. P: Are you in grade 12? Are you 18 or 19? S: I'm 19. P: Hm... So it's next year. It's soon.(so, let me see after hearing that she is 19 first thought in pervert mind came is that she is going to give her university test soon) S: Yes, I'm going to leave for Seoul right away next year. Hehe~ P: Oppa will buy you a present when you come to Seoul.(following the conversation,its clearly to cheer her up for exams) S: Really? P: Yes. Your house looked nice in the picture though. S: That was my old house. We moved to a worse house. P: You're not supposed to be on the phone right now, right?(even concerned of her time) S: No, there's no customer right now. P: Ah OK. So I have to go to Changwon if I want to see you. S: Yes. P: It's far... S: It is. It takes 7 hours. P: From Seoul? S: Yes. P: Hahaha... Where's Changwon exactly? S: South, it's at the Southern Sea. It's the endpoint of the peninsula. P: Is it in Gyeongsangnam-do province? S: Yes. P: Oh yeah? I'm near. S: Where are you right now? P: Busan. S: Oh really? Hehe P: It'll take a short time to get there, right? About a couple of hours? S: Yes, a couple of hours. P: I would've gone if you told me earlier. I've never been to Changwon before... Alright then...  Work hard and study hard. Let's talk later. Oh, and never tell anyone about this. Call you later. In the second part of the recording, he swears at "ugly" sasaengs (which they have no proof of that she is indeed was ugly)
First not a sasseng,
did she said she is a saaseng fan? did yoochun said she is a saaseng fan? did she even indicate at something that made her a saaseng fan,like I followed you, or I thought you will be mad cause I get your number from internet, or I am not going to pass cause my life basically consist of following you everywhere? No,its even look like Yoochun called her first.
 An aggressive fan like oppa you are mine,or oppa please don't look at any women but me? No. instead with every next line, she become less and less of a sasseng fan. She is doing a part time job at day,and she study at night. A sensible girl who is working hard to make her life, doing her duty responsibly even if it takes to HUNG UP on her favorite celeb. Yoochun said he hate his sasseng, not his fans.

Anything inappropriate 

After hearing that she is 19,does Yoochun show any sign of excitement,like wow, you are all grown up now, you are a women now ,or even ask that does she have a boyfriend? or does she want to have some fun? Anything? No. 
About going to her home she said WE change the home. Which is a clear sign that she live with her family, means she wouldn't be ALONE if he came to meet her in her house. HER PARENTS WILL BE THERE, Does that make Yoochun less excited? NO. Does he cut the call after hearing that? No. so instead of suggesting that Yoochun want something unappropriated with this individual, its suggest that Yoochun DOESN'T want anything inappropriate with that person.Cause if he want something inappropriate the fact that she live with her parents definataly finish his interest to visit her home.
Why he said don't tell anyone about this?
clearly cause if she brags about it real angry sasseng fan will make her life a living hell, with fuming jealousy.
The conversation is more of oppa and donsaeng conversation. same old boring school, study,job talk that my uncles and aunt bored me with.
Yoochun said he really love to have a little sister,perhaps he found one in his fans
 if you are jealous that he is so close to a fan,that he even want to buy her gift and want to visit her personally. its understandable,cause you are a fan too and you can get jealous, but fake or true this conversation is not inappropriate in any way.

Another rumor going on is, that Gahi was referring to Youchun when she talked about her ex-boyfriend being frequent on ten cafe bars.

Now for this I give all credit to Anonymous commented below for clearing things up.

As she/he said in this article Gahi said that he dated the person in question five months ago,but Yoochun and Gahi dated in 2004 and maybe broke up after few months,so she DEFINITELY  wasn't talking about You chun. proof here of her saying two months ago,and here of there dating news. 
A case very similar to Yoochun happened in south Korea in 2013. A gang blackmailed men after luring then sexual activities 
What happens to Yoochun is not unseen
Many were trying to bring light to the issue,for men rights to be given equal anonymity if they are accused in rape case. 
Follow are some stories
people commit suicide after being falsely accused
So that's the end of my review the best I could from my studies and experience,thank you for all the support from Yoochun fans,but before ending it.There is one last thing which I want to say to Yoochun's fans. The thought came in my mind. when Daniel Radcliffe was trying hard to shed his potter image to forward his career and fans and press gave him a hard time.
Fan says they gave him a lot of love
67,430 copies sold
8000 petition sign for JyJ
wow...really. Definitely fascinating.
Yoochun is one person,one soul, whatever he do, he can't change the fact that he has only 24 hours in a day.
so to be fair he should be compare to one fan.
So how much time do you spend on him,specially voting for him 7 or 8 hours.
He spend 18 on you.
So you didn't go to that theme park with friends didn't buy that piece of cake and junk food, For THREE MONTHS cause you are collecting money for his album.
He nearly never gone to that theme park and nearly never had that good junk food,all HIS LIFE. Cause its part of his fame,and he should look good for you,and he loves YOU his fans more then this.

A commenter said here that Yoochun said in an interview that he is very cold towards his fans. A person only said that when he think that he doesn't give enough

Remember that smile that came on to your face when you saw him after a hard day or after a fight with friend.
That smile came on your face because he bears it and laugh and smile for you after a hard tiring day and after a fight with friend.

one think he gives a lot and other think he didn't give enough.

You know that at that hard time when he is half dead(calls twilight effect).The only thing he could feel is being apologetic towards his fan.He is sorry
So be big and forgive him for going to that bar.

Support him as much as you can, he needs you,its definitely hard.bye hopefully we see each other again with news of Daniel and Yoochun working together ;)
I am not going to write any further on this article.
I know first woman is in jail, yoochun getting married. 
Which if you ask me he shouldn't cause no way he is mentally 
stable for it yet, BUT I already said what I have
to say on this case.
As I said before,I have nothing much left to say, at least not what I can proof to you.
In every case there are two sides,we see how yoochun didn't did that crime previously and now we see the girls story through Phycology.
Even though I love criminology all that I said in part 1 doesn't actually fall under criminology. Criminology is a study about criminal behavior, as to what made a criminal to commit a crime. 

Netizens say that these girl putting so much at risk to come forward? 

I disagree there are two scenario as to why they commit the crime

Motive of the crime.
what made these girl to made a false accusation against yoochun?
Money?but putting your life for money is too much.
1st scenario
if they are criminals,they are immune to feel quilt,consequences or Empathy. They lack empathy from the day the were born. Many studies have shown, there is always less impulse in that area of brain of criminal versus a normal person. Which lead many psychologist to believe that criminal aren't made but are born

The similar cases are everywhere
Second scenario 
we don't know much about them. We only know that they work at a bar and in their twenties. Now they said they are not prostitutes,okay.
Let see their job description. Different man came to bar and you have to drink with them, all dolled up, chat/flirt with them,and if you made them happy enough they will give you quite generous amount money, then the next set of men came and you have to do the same. So prostite-ish,mini prostitute,what should I call it?
Even if you are an open minded person, the job description doesn't sound very respectable, put the job in conservative and judgmental society as Korea, where a person who is working for a small office but not for Samsung, saw as a loser, and the job become a an unacceptable one.
you will become someone they society will never accept.
Now lets see these girls life without sarcasm shall we.
we all know,what happen in these kind of jobs, even if there is no prostitution they are never white.
Remember these bars have no bouncer or security to keep men in check, which clearly means that these bars couldn't careless on,what happened to these  women after they enter a private room.
Different men,married,divorced,gangsters,as the place is in Gangnam, sit with them. Men of their father age and may be older then their father looked at them with really dirty eyes, 
 Those gangsters doesn't have to think twice before touching them,in appropriate places.They have no fear of anything whatsoever
All they can do in reply for all this humiliation is smile.
its a job from Hell,it won't take genius to know that.
and after this long humiliating day or night, on their way home they saw other women enjoying their life, forwarding their career, becoming someone,getting married and being respected.
That where the motivation of doing something wrong starts.

These girl have no chance in korea
B said that she is collecting money for college.
Which I doubt that is true? Why?
one in 5 men in Korea goes to prostitution house, not a ten cafe but a real prostitution house. That construct a society mind that going in places like ten cafe is nothing, At least they aren't going to prostitution house.
People FALSLY ASSUMED from Gahi statement, that the person is PERHAPS Yoochun but they totally ignored the fact that how much careless the men and other women are about a man going in ten cafe.

 (ofcourse there is always trouble standard for an actor,as they are not even allowed to date, while all the Korea really like to become lovey dovey in korean street)
So we can assume that  at-least 50% men in korea must have gone to these 10 cafe.
Now after graduating college lets assume she get a job,how much time it will took for someone in her office to find what she do before. if five out of one men in Korea goes to those prostitution house.
There is always a chance that someday a man walks in the office. who will recognize them, 
There is also sns, a colleague might upload her picture and next thing you know someone comment underneath it that he met this girl as ten cafe worker not to mention a jealous relative can also do that there is too much risk, don't you think these girls have an idea of this?
There is strong competition for jobs in Korea. A person with that background will be kicked out in a minute.
Even if we assume that they get a job,it wouldn't change much in their life,as their neighbors, friends, relatives,already know what they do for living,and perhaps had already cut ties with them.

As I said before,These girl have no chance in korea.The thing they do (work in ten cafe) have ruined their life,but there was a chance to change all of it.
if they blackmail yoochun and get enough money.

they can migrate to a new country and can start a fresh No one know,who were they or what they did before? They can open their own little business or they can study and have a job. There are very low chance of it that they met someone accidentally from Korea, who knew them. There are no relatives there to bother them either. who would take a plane ticket to meet them. All they need to do is cut all ties with them, and lie that they are orphan if any one ask.
They can even have a normal life?
ofcourse its all just a theory but the first girls words match it.
"I can't live in Korea after being raped,give me 10000 won and I will move to china"

Risk in plan.
 How much risk they are really taking?
None. look it from there side, what the worse could happen they will end up in jail for 8 what? its not like when they will be released they have a ruined life in front of them. its already ruined.
Lets forget second victim words as she already turn out to be a liar. lets see what police said
" that bars in that area are closely related to gangs."
 you think that gangster would not hire them again because they have been to jail? its laughable to think No.They all have been to jail. They ofcourse hire them again. 
A quote I love is
Crime born when empathy dies.
Having a bitter incounter with men everyday,made these girls lost empathy from men.
The minute Yoochun walk that door he was no exception,I am not justifying there acts here put showing you the root of the problem,from these girl perspective they didn't did anything wrong,They are all scumbags anyway.What wrong she did if they blackmailed one for money.They deserve better life cause they are better person then Yoochun

There faces will never be shown in public as their is clear cut law for it.
They wouldn't be pointed in streets and called a liar.There is no risk, they only goes back to there hell life if it didn't work.They actually have nothing much to lose in this scenario. Only a big reward if they succeed.

Don't lie too much and it will be okay.
why police only found proof against 1st and 2nd accuser and not the third and fourth accuser. The simple answer is because they didn't lie too much. They only lied once,but didn't pile the lie on each other. So,its hard to expose their life.The 2nd and first accuser,however piled up so much story that its easy to find holes in it.
second accuser text messages.
Now you can easily send yourself some text messages from any date you want,you just need to goto setting,change the date and time, send yourself some text messages,then change date again.
But police can confirm that if they really send on that date by checking it with your billing company. So perhaps she caught like that.
Therapy session.
First its very odd that she goes to therapy the next day of rape. its wrong, it doesn't fit right with human behavior after trauma, it should take at-least 3 days for her to came out of her traumatic state and get some help.
Another thing is that usually psychiatrist gave you an appointment, of two to three days later, when you ask for maybe she caught like that. Also a psychiatrist can't share their patient file with police but in some cases they she could have also caught like that.
A missing piece of puzzle
However I will think about it,I think a piece of puzzle is missing in the case. what create the puzzle? Youchun personality,as I learn about him through this case he look quite a private person, he don't want to disclose about his dating in life,(of course no idol does,but,He must have showed a very strong will about this off camera,that it made Jaejoong to say that if Yoochun ever tried to secretly get married he will himself take the pictures to press to disclose him.(The comment is out of the blue,like second victims,'if he loves me') Ofcourse Yoochun said that he will announce the women if he is going to get married,he must have said the same thing to Jaejoong but his sentence of not disclosing it otherwise must have been so strong that made Jaejoong doubted on his intention of even disclosing it after the thought of marriage. it happen sometimes.
secondly as I noticed his behavior in his last fan meeting with Junsu, He seemed more reserve about the public affection,even brotherly like Junsu. He showed the same behavior on other places. 
Question is if he not a scrooge and had a very expensive liquor on that place,why did he chose to had sex in bathroom? where everyone can hear their voices outside, as I said before wood can't stop voices, and people will definitely hear if these girls scream, but the thing is that wood is so much poor conductor of voices that it can't even silent the voices of consexual sex,not to mention when they go outside,RIGHT AFTER after finishing it. Everyone will know what the had done,by looking at their faces,Which Yoochun as a private person,will definitely not be comfortable with,as they are not his friends but some were  friends/colleagues. The people he WORK WITH.
Conclusion or assumption.
First it again suggest that even though Youchun had gone to that bar once. He is not frequent,or even don't know who B,C,D are,(some fans are saying that POLICE have now said that B and Yoochun never interact, and also police have now confirmed that Yoochun has an alibi of C and D,if that happened I will be like TOLD YOU SO) cause if he goes frequently to those bars he would have find a solution to this problem. Which  definitely would have been bothering him, either by discovering a way to secretly going to a motel/hotel, or by going to a different bar, which gave you facility to book a bedroom on second floor,as some Koreans told me some of these LEGAL bars have facility to book a bedroom on second floor,their reason a man could get so drunk that he need to spend a night here. yup as I said before these places are rarely white.
Even if I agree with haters that he have a bathroom fetish,which he can't have because the last place he want to stay too long with asthma is bathroom, then those bedrooms and hotel have more spacious and more beautiful bathroom for a fascinated person, and it will also satisfy his private needs.
Now you can see why I said a piece of puzzle is missing,so my guess are
1.The gang made the plan from the start like the similar Korean gang caught in 2013. The girl drugged/gave him a medicine, which made him suddenly so much sexually provoked that,he behaved little out of character.
2.The girl gave him a signal to follow her in bathroom,and then SHE started it first,which made them to stay in place, which was not of Yoochun liking. 
3.They BOTH are hiding something,as it is fishy that girl preserve her underwear but didn't preserve her clothes, and police didn't disclose anything as to what Youchun said in investigation. while they clearly told us what was in the audio recordings and in CCtv.
Someone big behind it.
I am totally with police that there  might be a bigger gang involvement, or someone else in this case. There are signs everywhere,who gave the news to press, when Youchun wasn't even convicted,secondly there are always leak of news before even police gave its statement. Which we found an incredible lack in lee jin wook case, happening at the same time. Why nearly all the press is against him. I know its a big story,but there is always a riverly between press. Which made one to proof the person innocent(specially if they find clues of it) if the other is painting  him guilty,to make the other news person a bad guy or to paint them an unreliable source.
The biggest thing is Cjes got a tax investigation in between the case. which is a big sign that someone is trying to made them loose focus,by putting so much in their plate.

All the article of the case

JYJ’s Yoochun (Park Yoochun) has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s. Park Yoochun’s side argues it is the one-sided claim of someone looking for money.

Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault on June 10. The woman accusing him is 24-year-old Ms. Lee, an employee at an entertainment establishment/liquor bar. Ms. Lee’s boyfriend personally submitted the charges to the police in her stead that day.

Ms. Lee claims that Park Yoochun came to the bar on the night of June 3 as a customer and that he sexually assaulted her in a restroom inside the establishment. As evidence, Ms. Lee has submitted the underwear and clothes she was wearing that day to the police.

The police have obtained the CCTV recordings that capture Park Yoochun’s movements in regards to the incident and after examining the evidence, they plan to summon him for questioning.

In an official statement, C-JeS Entertainment asserts that it will be revealed through police investigation that the woman’s claims are false. “We will not compromise to malicious blackmail out to ruin a celebrity,” states the agency and adds, “Park Yoochun will diligently submit to the police investigation so that the truth can be revealed.”

The agency also states that Park Yoochun has not yet received the official notice of the suit from the police. It asks for refrain in writing speculative reports until the investigation is complete as such reports can cause serious harm to Park Yoochun’s name.
Update June 13 KST:

More specific details are coming out.

The Seoul Gangnam Police Station revealed that they are currently investigating the charge submitted by Ms. Lee, accusing Park Yoochun of sexual assault.

According to the filed complaint, Park Yoochun is accused of sexually assaulting Ms. Lee in the bathroom of the room in a Gangnam entertainment establishment/liquor bar in which Ms. Lee and Park Yoochun were drinking in around 5 a.m., June 4.*

The two met each other for the first time here, and they had only known each other for about one hour. The filed complaint describes that Ms. Lee expressed her unwillingness. She was sexually assaulted, however, and the charge of sexual assault was submitted to the police on June 10, around a week later after the alleged incident took place.

The police has requested that the National Forensic Service conduct a DNA analysis on the evidence of underwear and clothing that Ms. Lee submitted.

There was no CCTV inside the room in which the alleged incident took place. The police were only able to examine the CCTV recordings of the hallway, and they did not find anything suspect in the recordings.

The police will soon call in Ms. Lee for the investigation, and then summon Park Yoochun for questioning.

Park Yoochun began his mandatory military service last year in  August, and he is currently serving as a public service worker at a district office in Seoul.
*The original Korean report stated that the incident took place on the night of June 3, and new reports specify that it is early hours of June 4. The dates are not a typo. The understanding is that while technically, time past midnight on June 3 is June 4, descriptively, many still see it as the night of June 3

Local media source Sports Donga reports that Ms. Lee has dropped the charges of sexual assault against Park Yoochun.

Ms. Lee’s boyfriend spoke to Sports Donga today, June 14 KST, stating, “We submitted a document to an affiliate of the Seoul Gangnam Police station today at around 6:30 p.m. stating [we] are dropping the charges.” He continued, “An accident happened when A (Ms. Lee) was drunk. When I heard about the accident that day, I got mad and that’s why [we] filed the charges. However, [I] thought it was our fault for not finding out the exact situation of what happened before and after and that’s why the charges were canceled.”

The boyfriend continued, “[I] didn’t want outsiders to know when I was filing the charges, but as the incident got reported, the situation got of out hand. A is under a state of shock, and too large of a damage was incurred by the other side.”

According to the report, A’s side was planning to directly submit the cancellation to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station, which is in charge of this case, but the police allowed A’s side to relay the cancellation from an undisclosed location in Seoul.

In response to this report, C-JeS Entertainment, released an official statement on behalf of Park Yoochun, stating, “Park Yoochun has not received neither the initial notification of charges filed nor of the cancellation from the police.” It continued, “As we stated yesterday, the charges were one-sided claims that had yet to be verified. As we continuously stated, Park Yoochun is above suspicion, and due to a rash report, he has received serious damage to his name.”

It states that the cancellation news also needs to be confirmed, but the news points to Park Yoochun’s innocence, as the agency has continuously argued, and they believe that through police investigation, Park Yoochun’s innocence will be clearly revealed.

The agency once again asks people to refrain from speculative, one-sided reports before the investigation results come out.

A source from the Youth and Women section of the Seoul Gangnam Police told several news media outlets that A has not yet dropped the charges.

Yesterday, it was reported that 24-year-old Ms. Lee, an employee at an entertainment establishment/liquor bar, accused Park Yoochun of sexual assault which allegedly occurred on June 4, and submitted evidence to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station. The police stated they were investigating the incident, and C-JeS stated that the woman’s claims were false and were an attempt at “malicious blackmail out to ruin a celebrity.”

Stay tuned for updates to this developing story.


On June 14, Ms. Lee's boyfriend spoke to Sports Donga, stating, "We submitted a document to withdraw the lawsuit around 6:30PM today at Seoul Kangnam's Police Station. Ms. Lee was drunk, and an accident occurred. On the day of the accident, I got really angry, and we ended up filing the charges. However, it's our mistake for not looking into what happened before and after the situation, and we withdrew our suit."

He continued, "At the time, I didn't want outsiders to know about the filing, but the situation got out of control when it was reported. Ms. Lee is currently in a state of shock, and there was too much damage to the other side."

C-JeS Entertainment responded in an official statement, "Yoochun has not received a notification from the police concerning the accusations filed or that they were withdrawn. As stated yesterday, the accusations were one-sided claims that were not confirmed. We've stated again and again that Yoochun should not be under suspicion, and due to the early reports, he's suffered a lot of damage to his name."

Despite reports of the withdrawal and statements by Ms. Lee's boyfriend, other sources are reporting that Ms. Lee has not dropped her suit against Yoochun.

As previously reported, adult entertainment bar employee Ms. Lee accused Yoochun of committing sexual assault on June 4. According to the police, she claimed she had turned Yoochun down at a bathroom in a nightlife bar located in Gangnam, but he proceeded to sexually assault her.  A week later, on June 10, she reported this to the police. 
Yesterday, June 14 KST, a report from local news outlet Sports Donga claimed that Ms. Lee, the woman who had filed sexual assault charges against Park Yoochun, withdrew her charges that day. Initially, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station said Ms. Lee had not dropped the charges, but today, June 15 KST, it confirms that she has.
Sources from the Youth and Women criminal investigation section told several news outlets that Ms. Lee personally cancelled the charges of sexual assault today, testifying that the sexual relations were not forced. The sources added that because they had been investigating the case as a sexual assault, with Ms. Lee dropping it, they will be in discussions on how to proceed now with the case.
In response to this new development, reps from C-JeS Entertainment have stated in interviews that it has not received any official notification about the cancellation. It had previously stated in its first and second official statements, in response to the first report about the charges being filed and a second saying the charges have reportedly been dropped, that it had not received any official notifications regarding either from the police.
C-JeS Entertainment has said it will release another official statement soon.
C-JeS Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the news that came out earlier today, June 15 KST, that the sexual assault charges against Park Yoochun have been dropped by the alleged victim, Ms. Lee.
C-JeS Entertainment reiterates that it has not received any official notification from the police regarding either the filing of charges, nor the withdrawal, and it found out about those out through news outlets.
C-JeS Entertainment states that as a management agency, it understands that a celebrity receives love from the public and it has to cooperate with the news media and that the celebrity’s personal life will be at stake. It also understands that it will have to deal with the threats and speculation that stem from the malicious use of such aspects of a celebrity’s fame.  However, an investigation of a major crime is different, and one news outlet (referring to JTBC which first reported the story) just reported the initial submission of charges, using real names, without finding out about the entire story through police investigation. From then on, the celebrity was marked as a criminal and careless media judgement began, without any official reports from the police. C-JeS points out that it has continuously asked for focus on the police investigation into the truth instead of just complaining about its frustration about the charges because the charges had been filed by the alleged victim and the case needed to be investigated so that the truth can be revealed.
It asks the media to report based on police findings as a case like this can change a person’s entire life. When the first report came out of June 13 (KST), the investigation had not even started yet and the contents of the filed charges had not been officially released yet. However, false and speculative reports came pouring out and in one day, damage beyond repair was done on Park Yoochun’s name and image. It blames the report, not the person who filed the charges.
The agency concludes with the reiteration that it has not received anything official from the police and that it will wait for the final judgement of innocence from the police investigation. It promises to submit diligently to the investigation. It also states that it will not talk about the merits of the case through the media and will wait for the results from the police investigation before it speaks.

On June 15, police confirmed that Ms. Lee has withdrawn her sexual assault claim against JYJ's Yoochun, after several previous reports which went back and forth on her decision about the claim.
Reportedly, Ms. Lee delivered her stance to the police during her investigation on June 14 as such: "There was no force during the sexual intercourse with Park Yoochun, but I filed the claim because I felt that he and his group saw me as an easy person." 
The police then stepped forward with, "Because the final decision to penalize the accused doesn't necessary depend on the accuser's perspective, we must carefully determine whether to continue the investigation or not." 
Meanwhile, Yoochun was spotted returning to his post as a public service personnel for the Gangnam-gu Ward Office Station on June 15. Stay tuned for updates.
The label wrote: 

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment. 

Since the first sexual assault claim filed this past June 13, we have continually received reports regarding the claim, including the most recent news of the claim's official withdrawal, from news outlets, not from the police. 
As a manager, I know that a celebrity is a job in which one receives love from the public, and thus we must comply with the media's right to know about celebrities' lives, including personal situations. Even through several instances in which such circumstances were used unfairly to cause threats and false speculations to arise, we thought these were parts [of being a celebrity] we had to endure. 
But a serious crime investigation is different. This sexual assault claim case was reported without any prior confirmation from police officials simply due to the fact that it involved a Hallyu star, and since that day, [Yoochun] has been labeled as a criminal. Afterward, [Yoochun] began being tried not by official police investigations, but by the media through a series of 'don't ask truths, or maybe not' types of news reports. But because we have decided that just because we have been accused as a suspect in the case, we have no right to begin rambling about our innocence, we have stated that the media focus on official statements from police. 
Before we issue any statement about the accuser's withdrawal of the claim, we appeal to news outlets. Please put official police statements first when reporting further on the case, and take care and caution, as a case like this has the potential to move one's life left and right. When the first report was released on June 13, no police investigation had been launched yet, and an official claim statement was omitted. But after that, reports making false speculations flooded the media, and we have faced defamation and libel from which we cannot recover, in just one day. We believe that the opponent in this case is not the accuser, but the misleading news outlet reports. 
As we've previously announced, we have yet to receive any official statements from the police, and plan to wait on word from their side. We also plan to comply with any further investigation the police may request in order to prove Yoochun's innocence. 
From here on, we have no intention to reveal our perspective on the case through the media and will come forward only when police have made their statement. 
Thank you.
Even after police confirmed that Ms. Lee has withdrawn her sexual assault claim against Yoochun, the idol still faces a myriad of hardships - from the possibility of a continued investigation, to serious defamation of his name, the public's eyes, and more.
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Amidst continuous investigation on JYJ Yoochun's sexual assault claim case, fans have stepped up to support their idol with various SNS support campaigns.
Many Korean fans have been using the hashtags #believe6002 and #yoochunprotectionsquad on Instagram, as well as simple comments like "Oppa, we trust you" to cheer the singer on. 

International fans have likewise been using #We believe in Yoochun and more to deliver their support from overseas. We hope the case will come to a close soon.
On June 16, various media outlets reported that another woman has also filed a sexual assault claim against JYJ's Yoochun. 
It's reported that back in December of 2015, Yoochun sexually assaulted an employee in the bathroom of an adult entertainment establishment. The alleged victim claimed, "He told me that we should go talk in the bathroom because he couldn't hear me well. I didn't know how far I could take this, but then he started sexually assaulting me. I told him this isn't right and that I wanted to leave, but he held my wrist and blocked me from leaving." 
In addition, she revealed the reason for her late report as she stated, "I got scared when I actually went to the police station... I couldn't say anything." It's also reported that the alleged victim got the courage to speak up following the recent news about Yoochun and Ms. Lee, who claimed to have been sexually assaulted in a similar way. Police are still investigating the claims made by Ms. Lee despite her officially withdrawing her allegations.
So far, Yoochun's label C-Jes Entertainment has only responded, "We are currently checking the situation."
Some JYJ fans have lost their faith in Yoochun. 
A second sexual assault allegation against Park Yoochun has been submitted to the police.

Local news outlet YTN reports that 20-something-year-old “A” has submitted charges of sexual assault against Park Yoochun to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station.

“A” is accusing Park Yoochun of sexual assault that allegedly occurred in December 2015 at a bathroom in an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar. “A” claims she refused a number of times, but was sexually assaulted. She says she was afraid to come forth before because Park Yoochun is a top star and she was also afraid of losing her means of living, but after finding out something similar happened, she found the courage to come forth.

In the report by YTN, C-JeS Entertainment is said to have stated that the allegations are false and that it will only respond in official statements until the police investigation results come out.

The Gangnam Police Station has confirmed with other news outlets that new sexual assault charges have indeed filed against Park Yoochun today. The police are currently looking over the submission.

As more reports are coming out, C-JeS Entertainment has stated that it is in the process of confirming the situation.

Earlier this week, JTBC reported that 24-year-old Ms. Lee filed charged against Park Yoochun on June 10 for sexual assault that occurred on June 4 in a bathroom at an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar in Gangnam. Charges were later dropped by Ms. Lee, saying that the sexual relations were consensual. However, according to the law, the police are continuing to investigate the case.
Updated June 17 KST: Details Concerning Park Yoochun’s Second Sexual Assault Allegations Emerge

Original June 16 KST:

Following the second allegation of sexual assault filed against Park Yoochun, his agency C-JeS Entertainment has released an official statement.

Below is their official statement:

“Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.

“We apologize for worrying many people with our involvement in continuous scandalous cases.

“The recently reported second filed complaint against Park Yoochun are not true and we will take legal action for defamation and false accusation.

“We believe that he will be cleared of suspicion as the police are currently investigating the first lawsuit.
“We feel sad and regrettable to hear of news of another ridiculous lawsuit that has been filed through reports when Park Yoochun hasn’t even been asked for his testimony regarding the first case yet.
“Currently, Park Yoochun is in a state of great emotional shock. We ask for refrainment from reporting invalid and sensational news and hope that people will wait for the results from the investigation.
“In the case that Park Yoochun is found guilty of committing any crime, he will retire from the entertainment industry.
“Thank you.”
Previously, Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault by 24-year-old Ms. Lee. The alleged sexual assault was reported to have occurred in a bathroom of an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar. The charges have since been dropped. However, a separate allegation from a different individual has been made. The second allegation states that Park Yoochun sexually assaulted “A” in the bathroom of an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar last December.
According to the announcement made on DC Inside's JYJ Gallery, fans will now only support Jaejoong and Junsu. The full announcement is as follows: 
1. DC JYJ Gallery will only support Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu starting June 17, 2016.
2. We criticize Yoochun for his wrongdoings and will reject any kind of promotion and/or content with him. 

3. DC JYJ Gallery has supported Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, and Park Yoochun ever since the start of their legal battle with their former label. The reason why we stood by JYJ's side for the past 7 years is because they have not engaged in unethical actions, and we trusted in their beliefs. However, as Park Yoochun entered an establishment that commercialized sex, it will be wrong for the fans, who've been fighting for justice, to continue supporting him. 

As a result, JYJ Gallery will also withdraw all the support we have given this member. 

4. DC JYJ Gallery will do our best to combat any malicious rumors and speculations regarding Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu.

5. Ultimately, we are greatly disappointed and angry toward Park Yoochun, who has destroyed 13 years of trust

C-JeS Entertainment released an official statement on the second sexual assault claim made against Yoochun. 

Yoochun was accused of assaulting a Ms. Lee on June 10, and though she went onto withdraw her claim, the police have stated they will continue their investigation. Today, another woman filed a report stating she was also sexually assaulted by the JYJ member. 

C-JeS has now come out with an official statement, saying:
Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We apologize for the worry caused by the continued scandalous incidents. The recent reports concerning Yoochun's second sexual assault is also false, and we will take legal action. The first case is currently being investigated, and we believe that it will be revealed as false. It's regrettable to hear news of another lawsuit when Yoochun hasn't been summoned for the first case yet. 

Yoochun has suffered a great mental shock. We ask that you refrain from reporting false, sensational news and that you wait for the investigation results.
If Yoochun is found guilty of committing the crimes, he will retire from the entertainment industry."
On June 17, the agency wrote: 
"We are sorry and sincerely apologize for getting involved in a situation that is having a huge impact on society.  Regarding the various articles and things related to Yoochun that's been reported recently, C-JeS Entertainment had been trying to refrain from taking any action all this time.  Rather than taking action through the media about an accusation in which the facts are completely unknown, we believed that the right order was to wait for the results of the police investigation after which we would take the right legal course of action.

"However, seeing the various, thoughtless accusations made against Yoochun, we've come to think it's meaningless to take action after waiting for the results of the police investigation.  Firstly, we plan to submit a complaint at the Gangnam Police Station on Monday on the charges of blackmail and false accusation against the first accuser for which the minimum facts have at least been gathered. 
"Also, regarding the second round of lawsuits afterwards, we plan to take firm action for false accusations as the facts come out.  We plan to actively cooperate with the police investigation in order to prove Yoochun's chivalry and recover his image."
The police have responded to various questions and concerns regarding the investigations of the two sexual assault allegations against Park Yoochun.

Gangnam Police Station revealed that they have formed a special “Park Yoochun taskforce” to manage the investigations. The taskforce is comprised of six individuals and they will begin by summoning “A” and Ms. Lee to get detailed accounts of what occurred. Following this, they will summon Park Yoochun and get his testimony as well.

Original June 17 KST:

On June 17, YTN News released details regarding the second allegation of sexual assault against Park Yoochun.

The second individual, referred to as “A,” recently came forward after Ms. Lee pressed charges against Park Yoochun for sexual assault. “A” explained that her case of sexual assault occurred last December but she found the courage to step forward after hearing of a similar incident. Both individuals have stated that Park Yoochun sexually assaulted them in the bathrooms of adult entertainment establishments/liquor bars.

YTN discovered proof that “A” had actually reported the sexual assault to the police four hours after their encounter in December. She reported it to the police (112) after calling a helpline around 3:20 a.m on December 17.

Following her initial call, the Yeoksam District Police called her back around 4:40 a.m. The police sent officers to confirm sexual assault. However, “A” decided to withdraw her statement.
On June 17, DC JYJ Gallery posted an official statement regarding their support for JYJ and Park Yoochun.

Below are the contents of their announcement:

“DC JYJ Gallery’s Position Regarding Recent Park Yoochun Case

“1. Starting from June 17, 2016, DC JYJ Gallery will only support Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu.

“2. We criticize Park Yoochun who has stirred up scandals in society. We will boycott any activities and contents related to him from now on.

“3. DC JYJ Gallery has supported Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu since they sued their former agency for unjust contracts in 2009. One of the reasons why we’ve been with them for seven years is because we believed it was right for them to undauntedly fight unjust actions.

“However, since Park Yoochun entered an establishment that sells sex, it is illogical for fans who have helped overthrow unjustness to support him.

“JYJ Gallery will withdraw all of the support that has been given to this member.

“4. We will work hard to eradicate any speculations and slander that is unrelated to the truth concerning members Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu.

5. Lastly, we’d like to express deep disappointment and anger at Park Yoochun who has trampled over 13-years worth of trust and the youth of fans.”
After being accused of sexual assault by two individuals, YTN News has revealed that another person has come forward to press charges of sexual assault against Park Yoochun.

Following yesterday's shocking news that a second woman has accused Yoochun of sexual assault, a third alleged victim has come forward.
Seoul's Gangnam Police Station has confirmed that a third woman has filed a complaint accusing Yoochun of sexual assault, and her statement reveals a similar pattern of alleged abuse by the idol star. This recent supposed victim filed the report on June 17 at 1:40PM KST, citing a alleged rape by Yoochun that occurred two years ago on June 12, 2014 around 4AM KST.
According to the woman's report, she and the JYJ member met at an adult entertainment business/bar in Gangnam on June 11 of 2014. They drank alcohol with a group of individuals at the establishment before going to Yoochun's home, where they had more alcoholic drinks. 
Like the two women before her claimed, Yoochun took her to a bathroom and sexually assaulted her. The only difference between the three sexual assault claims is the previous alleged victims stated they were raped at their place of employment, while this third woman is accusing him of assaulting her in his own home.
The police have stated they're currently looking into the allegations and are planning an investigation.
The legal battle is officially on between JYJ's Yoochun and the four alleged sexual assault victims who have come forward. 
On June 17, C-JeS Entertainment announced Yoochun's intentions to take legal action against alleged victim #1, who ultimately withdrew her claim, and insisted on Yoochun's innocence. On the 18th, C-JeS made another official announcement stating they will be countersuing the other 3 alleged victims as well. The agency stated, "Claims against the 4 people will be filed on the 20th." 
The Seoul Police Station has revealed that evidence has been found in the recent sexual assault cases naming Yoochun.
According to the police, the third individual went to the police station herself on June 17 around 1:40 p.m. She revealed that she was sexually assaulted by Park Yoochun two years ago on June 12, 2014 around 4 a.m.

She met Park Yoochun while drinking at an entertainment establishment/liquor bar on the night of June 11, 2014 in Gangnam, Seoul. After drinking there, a group of individuals went to Park Yoochun’s home for another round of drinks. While at his house, she claims that Park Yoochun took her to a bathroom in his home and raped her.

This is the third accusation of sexual assault against Park Yoochun this week, following charges from the first and second individuals. The first individual has since dropped charges. C-JeS Entertainment previously stated that Park Yoochun is innocent and will retire from the entertainment industry if found guilty. The police have created a special taskforce to investigate these cases. Furthermore, a JYJ fansite has declared their intentions to stop supporting Park Yoochun.
Updated June 17 KST: Breaking: Fourth Sexual Assault Allegation Filed Against Park Yoochun

Original June 17 KST:

C-JeS Entertainment has revealed through an official statement that it will be taking strong legal action against the individuals accusing Park Yoochun of sexual assault.

It states:

“We sincerely apologize for becoming involved in an incident that is greatly affecting society.

“C-JeS Entertainment has tried to refrain from responding to all the various reports regarding Park Yoochun.

“It is because we thought it was the proper order to respond legally only after police investigation results came out, rather than to respond to the media when the truth has yet to be determined.

“But we have come to see that it is meaningless to wait for the police results as we have observed the various indiscriminate allegations being lodged against Park Yoochun.

“First, we plan to file a complaint on Monday of blackmail and false accusations in regards to the first [sexual assault] allegation, of which the facts have been determined, to the Gangnam Police.

“As soon as the facts have been determined for the second case, we plan to also strongly respond.

“We plan to actively cooperate with the police investigation to prove Park Yoochun’s innocence and for the rehabilitation of his image.”

Earlier this week, Park Yoochun was accused of two cases of sexual assault by two different individuals. The first individual has since dropped charges. C-JeS Entertainment previously stated that Park Yoochun is innocent and will retire from the entertainment industry if found guilty. Meanwhile, the police have created a special taskforce to investigate these cases. Additionally, a third sexual assault allegation has emerged today.
Another sexual assault allegation has been filed against Park Yoochun. This makes it the fourth case thus far respectively.

The fourth individual has brought similar allegations compared to the previous three individuals. She stated that they had been drinking at an entertainment establishment/liquor bar and Park Yoochun took her to the bathroom inside the room they were in and sexually assaulted her in 2015.

Likewise, the first and second individuals said Park Yoochun sexually assaulted them in bathrooms at entertainment establishments/liquor bars. Also, the second individual revealed Park Yoochun locked her up in the bathroom before sexually assaulting her. Therefore, she also accused him of forcible confinement.

The police previously created a special taskforce of six individuals designated to work on Park Yoochun’s sexual assault cases. With the additional allegations, the police have added three more team leaders who work on sexual violence cases for the Seoul Metropolitan Police. The Park Yoochun taskforce will now comprise of nine individuals investigating the cases.

Furthermore, the police stated that they will investigate whether Park Yoochun is guilty of sexual assault, forcible confinement, prostitution, and other crimes. If it becomes verified that the individuals received money for sex, the individuals pressing charges against Park Yoochun will also be subject to punishment.

Previously, the first individual pressed charges against Park Yoochun earlier this week. However, she later dropped them and rescinded her statement. The second individual stepped forward and claimed Park Yoochun sexually assaulted her last December. Earlier today, the third individual accused Park Yoochun of sexually assaulting her on June 12, 2014. These charges have prompted C-JeS Entertainment to release an official statement revealing their plans to file blackmail and false accusation charges against the individuals accusing Park Yoochun.

The police have officially started investigating the charges of sexual assault filed against Park Yoochun.

They are currently summoning individuals who were present at the time of the alleged sexual assault. These individuals were at the adult entertainment establishment/liquor bars with Park Yoochun. The police seek to get testimonies to judge whether or not the sexual relations that occurred between Park Yoochun and the women were forced or consensual.

Following their investigations of the testimonies of the witnesses and plaintiffs, the police plan on summoning Park Yoochun for questioning.

Previously, Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault by four different individuals at different times. The first individual stated that Park Yoochun sexually assaulted her in a bathroom at an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar earlier this month. She later withdrew her complaint.

The second individual claimed Park Yoochun sexually assaulted her in a bathroom at an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar in December 2015. She had initially reported it to the police at the time but said she was too afraid to press charges.

The third individual said Park Yoochun sexually assaulted her in a bathroom at his home on June 12, 2014. Following this, the fourth individual stepped forward about pressed charges against Park Yoochun for sexually assaulting her in a bathroom inside a room at an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar in 2015.

C-JeS Entertainment stated they will be filing charges of blackmail and false accusation against all four individuals on June 20. They continue to maintain that Park Yoochun is innocent and previously stated that he would retire from the entertainment industry if found guilty.

Seoul Metropolitan Police reveal that male DNA has been discovered on the underwear provided by the first individual who pressed charges against Park Yoochun.

The Korean National Forensic Service examined the underwear after it was submitted as evidence. According to the police, they were notified on June 18 of the results, which stated that male DNA was found on the underwear.

The police plan to investigate whether or not that DNA belongs to Park Yoochun. Police believe that if the DNA does turn out to be Park Yoochun’s, it will provide insight and help them determine whether the sexual relations with the first individual was a case of sexual assault or prostitution.

Four individuals have now filed allegations of sexual assault against Park Yoochun, although the first individual has since withdrawn the charges and rescinded her statement. Police are investigating all four allegations, and have set up a special taskforce dedicated to the case.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment has stated that they  plan to file lawsuits for blackmail and false accusations against at least two of the individuals, though no response has been made since the third and fourth individuals came forward.
The National Forensic Service analyzed underwear submitted as evidence by one of the four alleged sexual assault victims. On June 18, police were notified that male DNA was found on the underwear, but there is not yet confirmation as to whether it incriminates Yoochun.
If the DNA is Yoochun's, police will be able to determine the JYJ member's involvement with the women, but there would be more investigation as to whether sexual assault or possible prostitution occurred.
Police say Yoochun can be found guilty even if all the women cancel their suits
According to the police, Yoochun can still be found guilty even if all the women cancel their assault claims.
Because the cases range from 6 months to 2 years ago, it is hard for the police to get definite evidence on the case. The woman who claimed the date to be December last year has so far submitted her therapy session the day after her sexual assault, as well as the texts she sent to her close friends referring to Yoochun by his real name, as evidence.
Today (6/20), Yoochun will be filming his own legal rebuttal against the women saying he is innocent, but the police will still be paying special attention to the case as all four women are adult entertainment business workers, and that all four cases happened in a bathroom. 
Even if he did not sexually assault them, the case that he illegally bought sex is still very possible, especially if the DNA on the first woman's underwear turns out to be Yoochun's. However, it is still hard to prove that the money he paid to the bar included the sex, so the police will have to hold a corroborative investigation.
On June 20, at roughly 1:15 p.m., Park Yoochun’s legal representative from the firm Shin & Kim filed a suit at the Gangnam police station against the woman who first came forward with sexual assault allegations against the singer, although those allegations have since been withdrawn.

Park Yoochun’s side is accusing the woman of false accusation and blackmail, and a report from Yonhap states that Park Yoochun’s reps are looking over similar suits against the three other women who subsequently came forward with sexual assault claims.

Currently, police have set up a task force of 12 to handle this case, and investigation is under way regarding all four allegations. They have begun to question those that had been with Park Yoochun at the time of sexual assault, and tests are being done to determine whether male DNA found on underwear provided by the first individual to press charges belongs to Park Yoochun.
According to reports, Park Yoochun’s first counter lawsuit details what happened before the official filing of the first woman’s complaint: allegedly, the first woman who accused Park Yoochun of sexual assault approached Park Yoochun’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, and proposed a settlement prior to filing the police report.

She said that because she had been sexually assaulted, she could no longer live in Korea. She said that she would go to China, and asked for a settlement of 1 billion won (approximately $863,000).

However, the person that came to meet with the agency was not the woman, but the woman’s boyfriend, who is reportedly a member of a gang in Seoul. In the meeting with the agency, he said that he could lower the settlement to 500 million won (approximately $432,000).

Park Yoochun’s agency refused the demands, and later the same day, the first sexual assault allegation was filed. These demands became the grounds upon which Park Yoochun filed a counter suit of false accusation and blackmail on June 20 against the woman, her boyfriend, and her cousin.
Following the submission of Park Yoochun’s counter suit against the first accuser in the sexual assault case — in which he claims that the woman, referred to here as Ms. Lee, approached his agency and demanded a settlement prior to filing a police complaint — the current focus of the case has become the settlement and the interaction between the woman and her boyfriend and C-JeS: who, in fact, approached whom about the settlement, and was it ever paid?

Both sides have come forward with recordings.

Park Yoochun’s side claims that Ms. Lee first approached the agency demanding 1 billion won (approximately $864,000). According to Channel A on June 21, CEO Baek Chang Ju of C-JeS submitted a recording of Ms. Lee’s boyfriend to the police as evidence. It has been revealed that the recording is of the boyfriend saying that Ms. Lee can no longer live in Korea because of rumors of what happened, and asking the agency to help her move to China.

In a phone call with Channel A, the boyfriend responded, “I simply put [my girlfriend] and Park Yoochun’s agency in touch as a favor for an acquaintance. I didn’t lie about what happened. I wasn’t involved in the lawsuit that [my girlfriend] filed, nor the withdrawal of it five days later.”

Ms. Lee also has a recording supporting her claims that C-JeS was the one to first offer a settlement, which was revealed by media. The recording is of a phone call that took place immediately after the [sexual assault] incident.

The C-JeS agency rep in the clip (played on SBS 8 O’Clock News) says, “We’ve thought a lot about what we can do appease you…”

In another clip: “I think it’s right for [C-JeS] to respond to [the price] that you give us.”

According to an acquaintance of Ms. Lee, who gave a statement on SBS 8 O’Clock News, C-JeS said that they wanted to make a settlement, and asked Ms. Lee to wait one day, continuously asking her to name a price. However, Ms. Lee claims that she did not receive any settlement from C-JeS, and that if she had, there would be a written record of it.

C-JeS has stated in response that they will simply reveal the truth through police investigation, and will not take any separate action via media.

Police have finished questioning Ms. Lee’s boyfriend and the C-JeS CEO, and will be tracking account transactions to determine if money was ever moved for the settlement. Questioning has also wrapped up for the four women who came forward with sexual assault complaints.
News outlets have revealed that the police have finished investigating some witnesses related to the sexual assault allegations against Park Yoochun.

Baek Chang Joo, the president of C-JeS Entertainment which is Park Yoochun’s agency, was among the questioned individuals. Furthermore, Baek Chang Joo’s father and his father’s friend were also questioned. They were interviewed by the special Park Yoochun taskforce on June 21 and 22.

Previously, Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault by four individuals. The first individual who pressed charges since dropped them. Following these accusations, C-JeS Entertainment filed a lawsuit for false accusation and blackmail against the first individual, her boyfriend, and her cousin on June 20.

In the lawsuit, C-JeS Entertainment claimed that the first individual approached the agency and proposed a settlement prior to going to the police. Then both the agency and the first accuser revealed recordings regarding a settlement. The first accuser claimed that the agency actually brought up the settlement first.

The 12-member taskforce will also be investigating these claims as a part of the sexual assault allegations against Park Yoochun.
On June 23, MBC’s “News Desk” reported that the fourth woman who accused Park Yoochun of sexual assault had retracted her testimony.

“News Desk” also claimed that the woman had stated, “There was sexual intercourse but it was not compulsory.”

The fourth accusation was filed on June 17 after three other accusations by different women. The first individual has since retracted her claim.

Later on June 23, the Gangnam Police Department denied that the fourth accuser had withdrawn her case. A representative stated to Star News, “An investigation was conducted on June 17 and 19 after the individual in the fourth accusation made her accusation. There has been no retraction or withdrawal of any testimony.”

It was reported that Yoochun's law firm Sejong have submitted a complaint for blackmail and slander against one of his accusers at Gangnam Police Station. 
The complaint was against his first accuser, a red light district worker, one of Yoochun's alleged victims.  
Channel A released an exclusive report on June 20 regarding this settlement, the details for which was included in the complaint submitted by Sejong. Yoochun and his label claim that the victim demanded, "Because I was raped I can't live in Korea anymore. I'm going to move to China. Give me 10 billion KRW  (~$863,740 USD)."
According to this report, the accusers stated that they were working as adult entertainers, but they had tried to resist him to their utmost abilities.  Together, they stated that while Yoochun was trying to subdue them, he held the bathroom door handle and blocked them so that they couldn't escape.  Also, a portion of the women stated that he put both hands on their shoulders to force them down into sitting positions. 
In particular, the second accuser had reported this to 112 right afterwards and had been told by the police that she undoubtedly had enough to say that she had been sexually assaulted and the police had even supported her report.  
Yoochun's rape charges have been making headlines lately, and with four reports of sexual assualt against the idol, a special investigative team was assigned to handle the case. 
Though many people may agree that an investigative team is necessary to deal with such a big case, a university professor spoke up against the idea, making blunt commentary on the whole issue through social media.
Jeon Woo Yong, a professor and historian, wrote on his Twitter, "This is almost at the level of a serial murder case. There are two types of investigations that those in positions of power focus excessively on: the one that the citizens are interested in and the one that they want the citizens to take an interest in." 
Jeon continued, "The investigative team in charge of Yoochun's rape case is composed of 12 people but how many people were on the investigative team for the Korea Parent Federation, Hong Man Pyo, and Jin Kyung Joon? A society which draws all 'societal interest' through a 'celebrity scandal' is the perfect environment for other crimes to dwell. Especially crimes in places of power." 
What do you think? Do you agree with Jeon's point of view? 
The Seoul Gangnam Police Station revealed on June 23 that they've applied to the prosecution for travel bans on Yoochun and more to keep them in the country.
Deemed flight risks are Yoochun, the first accuser he countersued back on June 20, her cousin, and her boyfriend for a total of four people.  A police rep stated, "We requested a travel ban to prosecution, and if they accept, the request will go to the Ministry of Justice. The results are not yet out."
Also, reports had come out that the fourth woman to accuse Yoochun of rape changed her testimony and dropped her charge, but the police denied this with, "The report saying that the fourth woman reversed her testimony by saying there was no coercion on the same day she made the charge and was investigated by the police on June 17 is false. The accuser was investigated twice, on June 17 and 19, and she never reversed her testimony." Regarding her canceling the suit, the police said, "We never received any documents for dropping the charge."
The police has given another update on their ongoing rape case involving Yoochun.
Original June 20 KST:

The police have placed a travel ban on several of the main parties involved in Park Yoochun’s case, and seize and search warrants have been issued for four business establishments.

On June 24, the Seoul Gangnam Police stated that travel bans have been placed on Park Yoochun, the first individual who brought forth sexual assault allegations, as well as the first individual’s boyfriend and cousin.
They have also received warrants to seize and search four establishments that are tied to this case, and secured the four business locations at 7 p.m. KST. They will concentrate on the items they confiscated, which include ledgers of transactions, in order to investigate the truth behind the sexual abuse allegations.
The police are also looking into any other outside parties that may be involved in this case.
Meanwhile, Park Yoochun’s representatives have filed a counter suit against the first individual, for false accusations and blackmail, and, as of June 21, have requested for detailed information regarding the accusations against the singer, as well as the other remaining three individuals themselves.
Both Park Yoochun and the first individual have provided recordings that claim the other side offered settlements as evidence.
So far, the father of C-JeS Entertainment’s president has also been questioned, and other related individuals are currently undergoing questioning as well. The police plan on bringing in the accusers one by one shortly. After investigating these four individuals, Park Yoochun will also be called in for questioning
The June 27 episode of Channel A’s “Heard It Through the Grapevine” discussed Park Yoochun and the sexual assault allegations surrounding him.
Writer Park Young Jin who has written about male-female psychology discusses Park Yoochun’s possible bathroom fetish during the episode.
Park Young Jin says, “On June 17, a post titled ‘A psychoanalyst’s analysis of Park Yoochun’ was posted on a community site. Park Yoochun appeared as a guest on an overseas radio program in 2008 and picked ‘bathroom’ among three things that he associates with the word ‘beautiful.’ He revealed a drawing and a toilet is drawn alongside himself.”
He continues, “It’s interesting that he thought of the words ‘conversation,’ ‘sigh,’ and ‘bathroom’ when hearing the word ‘beautiful.’ That’s why I think he is a person who has always been very obsessed with bathrooms.”
Then Park Young Jin adds, “The reason why this formed for example could be because when we are young we are still getting potty-trained. However, receiving strong pressure from parents while potty-training can create trauma and an abnormal attachment can be shaped that requires looking at or touching a toilet to have psychological stability.”
Previously, Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault in bathroom by four individuals. The case is ongoing.
More information on “10 Cafe,” an adult entertainment bar and the site of Park Yoochun’s alleged sexual assault of the first accuser, has been revealed.
The first accuser has since dropped her charges against Park Yoochun, but 10 Cafe has continued to incite interest as it was reportedly the star’s frequent haunt.
On June 24, the Gangnam Police Station revealed that their requests for travel bans on Yoochun, his first accuser, her cousin, and her boyfriend have been granted.  On top of that, her cousin was revealed to be a member of the Ilsan Family Gang.  The police also plans to focus on whether gang activity was involved.  After the testifiers are investigated, the police plans to summon and investigate Yoochun next. 
Police are allegedly unable to proceed with further investigations into Yoochun's counter suit against his accuser due to the defendant party's non-cooperative conduct. 
This past June 20, Yoochun and his label's president, Baek Chang Joo, counter sued red light district worker Lee, her boyfriend, and a man identified as Hwang, who claimed to be Lee's cousin, for slander and blackmail. 
On June 20, police questioned Baek, and they also questioned Baek's father and the father's acquaintances on the following June 21 and 22. However, police are unable conduct any further investigation and questioning for the defendant's party as they are allegedly being uncooperative. 
If the defendants continue to resist the authority, then police plan request official arrest warrants.
Hwang in particular has been on the police's radar since three years back for being affiliated with a gang from Ilsan. Baek's father is also reported to have been a part of a gang, and police are investigating whether the gangs intervened at all in the process of the the two parties trying to reach an agreement. 
Currently, both Yoochun and Lee's party are banned from leaving the country. 
JYJ Yoochun's fans are continuing their support for the idol no matter what. 

On June 27, 'Park Yoochun's Korean-Foreign Fan Union', consisting of fans from Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, England, Singapore, Germany, Brazil, Russia, and more, officially declared that they will continue supporting and protecting the star through the ongoing controversy. 
The announcement is as follows:

1. Park Yoochun's Korea-Foreign Fan Union declare a showing of unchanging support. 
2. We are greatly disturbed by the inaccurate and offensive reports that continue to defame Yoochun's character. 
3. We request that the media stop reporting speculated articles until a fair and accurate investigation has been completed. 
4. We encourage accurate investigation for the truth. 
Currently, fans all over the world are declaring, 'Stay By You Park Yoochun', while the star is going through investigations for several cases of sexual assault allegations. 
To summarize the current ongoing cases against Yoochun, woman A filed a report for sexual assault and went onto cancel it, B reported a sexual assault last year by calling the authorities, and C and D have also claimed rape. All the cases involve an adult entertainment bar/establishment, and all the women claim to have been attacked by Yoochun in a bathroom.
Talk show “Heard It Through the Grapevine” recently peeled back the veil on 10 Cafe for its June 27 episode.

“The 10 cafe Park Yoochun went to is establishment ‘B’ located in Yeoksam-dong in Gangnam-gu. The cost of alcohol per head is around 500,000 to 1 million won (approximately $428 to $856 USD). It’s an extremely high alcohol cost so most of the customers are high profile politicians, business men, or celebrities,” Park Young Jin explains.

“Because they are public figures, the customers don’t like to go outside [of their rooms] to use the restrooms. That’s why there is a restroom inside of each room,” Park Young Jin continues. “However, the restroom is extremely compact. There’s just a sink and one urinal.”
In an interview with Dispatch on June 28, a fifth individual (hereafter “E”) describes an encounter with Park Yoochun that almost led to sexual assault.

According to the report, E was working at an adult entertainment bar when Park Yoochun attempted to sexually assault her in the bathroom.

E allegedly has records of her KakaoTalk back-and-forths with a friend where she wrote, “A band came in and played music” and “Park Yoo Chun called me to the bathroom and tried to force intercourse with me.” She states that she adamantly refused and was ultimately able to get out of the bathroom.

However, E has no thoughts about filing a lawsuit against Park Yoochun. “Will anything be solved by filing a report? Everyone will just shame me,” she says. “No one will believe me because they’ll think, ‘How’s a barmaid going to claim being raped?'”

Dispatch has met with more than four individuals who have allegedly served Park Yoochun as a customer at room cafes, and common to these encounters is a specific pattern of behavior. Dispatch reports that after the band comes into the room and the music plays, Park Yoochun goes into the restroom.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is currently facing multiple accusations of sexual assault. His case is ongoing.
n the wake of the recent Park Yoochun scandal, MBC’s “PD Notebook” interviewed one of the women who came forward in the sexual assault case. The interview was broadcast on June 28.
The woman, referred to as “A,” said, “I feel so shameful […] Because I feel like I was completely played with… And I couldn’t argue because he is a celebrity, and he left without a single word of apology.”

She explained in detail what happened the night of the incident:

“When you turn the music on there, it fills the space. [Park Yoochun] sings and turns club music up really loud. I didn’t really know how to match the mood because I hadn’t been working there for long, and I was thinking about what I should do when he came and put his arm around my waist and started dancing.”
She continued, “He kept asking me ‘How much money do you need,’ and ‘Why are you here.’ He then said, ‘I can’t hear you, let’s go to the bathroom.’ I didn’t think anything of it and followed him in.”

“He asked, ‘How much money do you need that you started working here? I can just earn money and then quit.’ His tone and attitude made me feel like he was trying to buy me, and his constant talk of money started to annoy me. He kept talking about money. He then kissed me. He grabbed my face and kissed me, and when he pulled away, he said, ‘What is this, there’s no emotion.’”

“A” said that at the time, she was in the middle of her menstrual cycle. “When he was kissing me, he lifted my skirt, so I told him to stop. I definitely said the [three] words. To stop. I said, ‘Stop, I’m on my period.’ He then said, ‘Oh, but I still need to see if you and I are compatible.’”

She said she tried to leave. “I was going to leave, but in the moment when I looked in the mirror, he took his pants off. When I was standing there frozen in surprise, he forced me down. I said I didn’t want to and I wasn’t going to, so he then stood me up and turned me around.”

“I started crying, and he said, ‘It’s okay, because we’re going to date. We’re going to date now. You’re going to give oppa your number, right? Right?’ I didn’t respond.”

“I didn’t want to [have sex] in that way in a bathroom where everyone can hear. Especially when I’m on my period, even if it were my boyfriend. I’m not even asking for help. Really, just the fact that it happened in that small bathroom is so embarrassing. And I was scared: ‘What do I do if people find out?’”

She explained that she really needed money at the time. “I needed a lot of money. I needed money for education. There’s no prostitution [there] and you can earn a lot of money, so [I started working at the ‘ten cafe’ (adult entertainment establishment)]. I had never heard of [employees] leaving to go to a second location [with customers], and [the ‘cafe’] also stops you from going, because they don’t want problems.”

“In my opinion, [Park Yoochun] treated me as something less than a human being. If I were someone he really loved, would he have done it like that, there? As a man. [I think he had] the thought that ’the girls that work there won’t be able to report anything, they won’t be able to deny what I say, and there’s no CCTV in the bathroom, so they wouldn’t dare think to sue me.’”

“A” said, “I think he thinks that he’s a celebrity and a top star, and that we wouldn’t mind sleeping with him. For me, I honestly needed the money, and my parent’s don’t have a great background, so I was working there purely for subsistence. But for the simple fact that I worked there, he thought nothing of me and sexually assaulted me. I can’t forgive him.”
In addition to the interview with the woman, the show aired a clip of an actor, who remained anonymous, speaking about his experience with Park Yoochun, in which he explains his difficulty believing the news: “First, [Park Yoochun] is so sincere, and in terms of work, there’s nothing to complain about. In every aspect, I honestly only have good things to say. He’s respectful, always nice to the staff. Because of that, I truly had a hard time believing what I read in the news.”
According to recent reports, Park Yoochun has retained two lawyers for his defense.

Yonhap News reported on June 30 that two lawyers have taken his case: Im Sang Hyuk (from the law firm Shin & Kim) and Lee Kwon Woo (from Min & C).

Im Sang Hyuk is a legal consultant for JYJ. When JYJ was separating from TVXQ, Im Sang Hyuk was the one who handled the lawsuit against SM Entertainment. He also has experience with film and drama copyright, working with the plagiarism case for the 2015 film “Assassination” as well as assisting with copyright matters for China’s remake of “My Love From the Stars.”

The second lawyer, Lee Kwon Woo, is a former police officer. As someone with experience with police matters, he is expected to provide counsel regarding the police investigation process.
On June 28, Dispatch held an interview with E, who was an employee at a business called 10Cafe. She is claiming to have been sexually assaulted and almost raped by Yoochun, but did not report the incident at the time. E explained, "Who would believe a woman who works at an adult entertainment bar?" 

Dispatch also looked at chat logs between E and one of her friends at the time. She had written, "I was almost raped. Park Yoochun (expletive)." Allegedly, Yoochun had come in as a customer earlier the night of the incident and attempted to rape her in the bathroom. E recalled, "The band came in. The music was on. Yoochun called me into the bathroom. He then tried to force me to have relations with him." She said she denied the star until the end and was eventually able to slip out of the restroom. E further stated she was extremely fearful as she knew no one would come to help her in the restroom.
In more detail from the previous article, one of the four women said, "It was very shameful and it felt like I had become a toilet.  It felt like he had completely taken me and played around with me. He didn't say a word of apology to me at all before leaving.  When you play music there, the whole store resonates [with the music].  He sings the song and turns the music on extremely loud.  I didn't know how to act in that atmosphere and it hadn't been long since I started working there, so I was wondering what I was supposed to do, and then he wrapped his arm around my waist and started dancing while smoking. Then he kept saying to me, 'How much money do you need?  Why are you here?'  He said, 'Hey, I can't hear you well.  Let's go talk in the bathroom.'  I followed him in there with no suspicions whatsoever.
"He asked me, 'How much money do you need that you're here?'  He said, 'I just have to earn money and quit,' and his words like that felt like he was trying to buy me with money and he kept saying money, money, money, so I started getting frustrated.  He kept talking about money.  He kissed me [in the bathroom].  He grabbed my face and kissed me.  He kissed me then lifted his head and said, 'What is this, you have no emotion, no emotion.'  
"At the time, I had my period.  Even while he was kissing me, he lifted my skirt, so I told him, 'Don't do that.'  I said those three words for sure.  Don't do that.  I said, 'Don't do that.  I have my period.'  But then he said, 'Oh, still, shouldn't I check if you match well with me?'  I told him I didn't want to so don't do that and get out regardless, but when I looked in the mirror for a brief moment, he pulled down his pants, and I was so surprised that he forcefully dragged me and sat me down.  I was so taken aback that I said I didn't want to and that I wouldn't do that, so he stood me up and turned me around.  
"At the time, I cried.  Because I was so taken aback.  He said, 'It's okay.  Because we're going to date.  We're going to start dating now.  You're going to give me your number today, right?  You're going to?'  I didn't say anything back.  Doing something like that at a place like that where people could hear even when I didn't want to and I had my period, which I would hate even if he were my boyfriend.  I didn't ask someone to help me; I was really embarrassed by the fact that that was done in a small bathroom like that.  There was also that fear, 'What if someone finds out about this?'
"At that time, I needed a lot of money.  I needed money for my education.  It wasn't anything like prostitution and I could get a fast profit [so I worked at 10cafe].  I never even heard of a second round [taking it another level] and that place would stop you.  Because they wouldn't want to get involved in something unsavory.  At the time, I wrote in my diary, 'My friends.  If I die, attack Yoochun.  Don't hate me.'  I had to earn money and I had to go to work, but whenever I went into that room, I had such a hard time and thought I would go crazy, so in the end, I quit.  
"I thought that I was treated as less than human by him.  If it were a woman he truly loved, would he have wanted to do that there? I felt like he thought, 'Those in this business probably won't be able to report me even if I do this to them, they won't be able to go against my words, and there is no CCTV, so they wouldn't dare file a charge against me, and since I'm a top star and celebrity, they probably wouldn't feel this is unfair.'  He disregarded me because I work in this business.  I honestly needed money and had no parents so I was there to make a living, but he disregarded me because I worked there and raped me.  I cannot forgive him."
Also, another woman came to light stating that she had almost been raped by Yoochun earlier today.  She said on the show, "He put his fingers inside my underwear and stuff like that.  But then I started to resist.  Because I was so taken aback.  But at the time, he was drunk, and was like, 'You like me, though,' like that? As if it was such a sure thing."
The June 28 airing of MBC's 'PD Notebook' delved into the recent sexual assault scandal involving Yoochun.
They got in touch with an interviewed the first woman to accuse him of rape as well as her boyfriend.  She had also dropped her complaint later on, raising suspicions that she'd been paid off by Yoochun's side.
Her boyfriend stated, "Firstly, there was no such thing as a settlement at all.  What actually happened was that we dropped the charge because we wanted to quietly conclude this.  There were many rumors saying we received money, but we had not received a single penny.  Since the reports went out, we'd never met up with a rep from his side.  We never tried to contact him or call him.
"We really had not wanted reports to go out.  This was because if the situation blew up, then the identities would also be revealed for sure.  After the article went out, we changed our minds.  Because things were getting bigger, we had no choice but to want to fold this as quickly as possible, which was the biggest reason for our dropping the charge. Honestly, if [Yoochun's side] keeps pushing forward saying that [the first accusation] was a false one, he'll be the one to see the damage."
Also, the diary entry of the woman who claimed she had been raped by Yoochun back in December (the second accuser) was revealed in this broadcast.  She said, "At the time, I wrote in my diary, 'My friends.  If I die, attack Yoochun.  Don't hate me.'  I had to earn money and I had to go to work, but whenever I went into that room, I had such a hard time and thought I would go crazy, so in the end, I quit.  
"I thought that I was treated as less than human by him.  I felt like he thought, 'Those in this business probably won't be able to report me even if I do this to them, they won't be able to go against my words, and there is no CCTV, so they wouldn't dare file a charge against me, and since I'm a top star and celebrity, they probably wouldn't feel this is unfair.'  He disregarded me because I work in this business.  I cannot forgive him."
Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In’s agency helped clear up the false rumors surrounding Song Joong Ki.

Recently, false rumors about Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum being with Park Yoochun at the time of the alleged sexual assault that occurred in the late hours of June 3/early hours of June 4 have been spreading.

Their agency UAA stated, “On the date June 3, mentioned in the rumor, Song Hye Kyo, Yoo Ah In, and Song Joong Ki were enjoying dinner together along with their managers. The rumor is not true.”

On the night of June 3, the actors were at the Baeksang Arts Awards and went to have dinner following the awards ceremony. A news outlet even snapped photos of them at their after-party meeting.
Every year, Uijeongbu High School makes waves with their unique graduation photos. The photos typically contain some reference to the Korean entertainment industry, whether it’s simple cosplay or a parody of trending issues.

Some of the photos released on July 8 contained references to the affair between director Hong Sang Soo and actress Kim Min Hee as well as the sexual assault cases against JYJ’s Park Yoochun.
JYJ's Yoochun was spotted on his way to the Gangnam Police Station on June 30.
The idol star, who is currently serving in the military, was summoned for questioning concerning four cases of sexual assault filed by four different alleged victims. Yoochun is reported to have looked downtrodden and extremely nervous on his way to the police station, where he was also met by press for an interview.
Though there were numerous questions by press, Yoochun simply stated, "Firstly, I apologize for causing so many people worry. I'll submit to police questioning with integrity."

Channel A has further reported that the first victim who filed a sexual assault claim against Yoochun only to withdraw her suit has decided to re-file her case. She's also requested the police for a strong penalty against the JYJ member. 

On top of questioning about the sexual assault cases and his countersuit for false charges and blackmail, Yoochun also submitted a DNA sample, which will be used to test against underwear filed as evidence by the first alleged victim. 

As previously reported in the ongoing cases against Yoochun, woman A filed a report for sexual assault and went onto cancel it, B reported a sexual assault last year by calling the authorities, and C and D have also claimed rape. All the cases involve an adult entertainment bar/establishment, and all the women claim to have been attacked by Yoochun in a bathroom.
A news station is heavily under fire for pursuing ill-mannered reporting regarding JYJ Yoochun's ongoing sexual assault case. 
Back on June 23, 'K-STAR News' uploaded a Youtube clip of a station reporter at the airport, to catch JYJ member Junsu's return from overseas promotions. In the clip, the reporter follows Junsu and asks, "Park Yoochun is currently surrounded in controversy, do you have anything to say in his place?"
Junsu remained silent, being escorted by his bodyguards toward the exit, but the reported continued with more questions, such as "There are many fans who are worried or disappointed, do you not have anything to say to your fans?" or "You must be worried since he's a member of your group, what are your thoughts right now?".
Netizens online have been showering 'K-STAR News' with contempt after seeing the contents of the clip, claiming that the news station and reporter crossed the line with ill-mannered reporting methods simply because Junsu is in the same group as Yoochun. Comments included, "Why are you asking Junsu about Yoochun's case?", "That's rude", "Why are you doing this after going all the way to the airport seriously TT It makes me sad", and more. 
JYJ's Junsu is under fire for the "inappropriate" Instagram updates he made on the day of fellow member Yoochun's investigation. 
On June 30, Yoochun headed to Gangnam Police Station for further investigation on his sexual assault charges. On the same day, Junsu, who held a solo concert, updated his Instagram with silly photo and videos, which many netizens found disturbing. 
Junsu used filters to make humorous facial expressions, even turning into a cat and a clown while also making silly sounds. Many found his actions inappropriate as fellow JYJ member Yoochun is currently involved in a major controversy. The fact that they were posted on the day that Yoochun headed to the police for questioning is making it even worse. 
Netizens commented, "He should just stay quiet in a situation like this.. How inconsiderate," "I don't understand. It's not the time to be fooling around like that," "Does he not care for his member? What is wrong with him," "I understand it's the day of his concert, but that's just too much," "Junsu and Yoochun must be just business partners," etc. 
On the other hand, some responded, "It's fan service. He needs to do his job," "It's not like Junsu needs to cry and forget his schedule and life because of Yoochun," "The world doesn't revolve around Yoochun," and more. 
The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) revealed on June 29 that they plan to summon Yoochun on June 30 at 6:30 p.m. and investigate him as a suspect in the sexual assualt case. 
Yoochun's side had stated earlier that Yoochun will appear before the police on June 30 at 10 a.m. However, on June 29 at 6 p.m., about a day before Yoochun's scheduled appearance, Yoochun's side faxed a 'request for postponement of appearance' to the police which explained, "If [Yoochun] appears at 10 a.m., he could risk abandoning his post [in the military] so making an appearance [at 10 a.m.] will actually be difficult; thus, he will appear at 6:30 p.m. [on June 30] instead." 
A police rep relayed, "We don't exactly know the code of conduct concerning public service regulations but it's possible that [Yoochun] was unable to receive an official notice or an off day from the district office which could result in abandonment of his post." 
Once Yoochun appears before them on June 30 at 6:30 p.m., police plan to first investigate him as the assailant in the sexual assualt case. Police will then look into Yoochun's countersuit against his accusers for false charges and blackmail. Further, police will collect a sample from Yoochun's oral cavity and see if it matches the DNA from the undergarment the first accuser submitted. 
A police rep added, "If Mr. Park consents, we plan to proceed with our investigations past midnight but considering his duties the following day, we will try not to hold him too long." 
Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki are taking legal actions against those who started false rumors surrounding Yoochun's current controversy. 

On June 30, rumors quickly spread across the web stating that not only Yoochun, but also Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum were present at the adult entertainment bar on the day of Yoochun's alleged sexual assault. 
The rumors were soon proven false, and Blossom Entertainment, label to both actors, announced, "The rumors about Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum are not true. We are planning to take legal action against the person who initially started the rumors. On broadcast, the rumors were depicted as if they were true, causing many to believe them. We can no longer ignore the issue. We are going to respond with strict and strong action." 

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum's alibis were proved as they were attending an award ceremony on the day of Yoochun's alleged sexual assault. 
Rumors started when 'Powerful Opponents' panelist Lee Bong Gyu claimed other top stars were present at the adult entertainment bar on June 4 when Yoochun is claimed to have sexually assaulted a woman. Lee Bong Gyu said on Chosun channel's 'Powerful Opponents', "There were very high-profile Hallyu stars at the adult entertainment bar that night. Yoochun held a birthday party at the business they frequented as customers."

Soon afterwards, speculation spread on online community sites that the top stars were 'Descendants of the Sun' actor Song Joong Ki and rising actor Park Bo Gum. According to Dispatch, however, the rumors are completely groundless. On the night of June 3-4, Song Joong Ki had just finished attending the 'Paeksang Arts Awards' and was spotted with Song Hye Kyo, Yoo Ah In, and drama staff after grabbing a celebratory meal together.

C-JeS Entertainment, home to top artists like JYJ, revealed that it has recently undergone a tax investigation.
On July 1, a rep stated, "We were informed that there would be a tax audit in early June, so for the two weeks since, we earnestly received the tax audit.  Currently, the investigation is under the wrap-up stage, and nothing largely different from a normal tax audit has happened as of yet.  We will sincerely engage in the investigation."
On June 30, Yoochun went through 8 hours of intensive questioning by police, and it's been reported victim A, who previously canceled her claim only to re-file, has also given her testimony. According to Channel A, Ms. A stated, "The madam didn't let me leave the room. Yoochun dragged me to the bathroom and sexually assaulted me."
The report further stated Ms. A was the only employee at the adult entertainment bar at 5AM as her coworkers had already left. Allegedly, along with Yoochun, there were 11 men in the room, and Ms. A was the only woman there. This is when she claims the madam, her boss, prevented her from leaving the room, which gave Yoochun the opportunity to assault her.
If her testimony is true, it could mean Yoochun had an accomplice for at least one case. Channel A also revealed the madam in question and Yoochun's acquaintances who were present on the night of the alleged crime have been questioned as well
As for victim A's re-filing, a rep from Seoul's Gangnam Police Station clarified, "When a lawsuit is dropped, it's not possible to sue for the same reasons. However, A can change her statement during investigations."
KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay' covered Yoochun's controversy.
He was interviewed after his 8 hour investigation, where he said, "I'm sorry for concerning so many people. I will comply diligently to the police investigations."
The police also said, "It won't take longer than a week [to see if Yoochun's DNA matches the evidence DNA]. There could be more investigations if needed." Currently, the police are considering extra investigations because there is a lot to consider.
A lawyer talked about Yoochun's controversy on 'Section TV'.
MBC's 'Section TV' covered Yoochun's recent controversy. The police had recently revealed that they were going to take DNA from Yoochun's mouth to compare with the male DNA evidence, and that the process would take less than a week. 
However, even if the DNA matches, it would not be enough evidence to sentence Yoochun with sexual assault. A lawyer was interviewed on the show, who said, "The DNA evidence will only tell if Yoochun had sexual relations with the plaintiff. It's not enough to prove that the relationship was forced." 
The lawyer added, "For sexual assault, how detailed and consistent the plaintiff's witness is very important. Accounts of people that were at the same place, as well as the layout of the location can become very important evidence."
Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) revealed on July 5 that Yoochun appeared before them once again and gave additional testimonies regarding his countersuit for false charges and blackmail against the first woman who had accused him of rape. 
 Following his first police summons on June 30, during which he was investigated for a total of eight hours, Yoochun appeared before authorities again for four consecutive days beginning on July 2. It was reported that Yoochun was investigated for the rape charges currently being pressed against him and also for his countersuit against one of his alleged victims.  
Police deem the additional investigations necessary considering that Yoochun was sued a total of four times and that Yoochun has also counter sued two of his victims. 
A police rep stated, "The incident is reliant upon the opposing party's confession so in the case that [the investigation] ever comes down to it, we are considering conducting lie detector tests and cross-examinations." 
Yoochun has reportedly followed another woman to the bathroom.
According to woman 'N' as well as two more witnesses, Yoochun followed 'N' to the bathroom on the same day that 'A' accused him of sexual assault on June 4th. It turned out that Yoochun had actually followed 'N' to the bathroom first. 'N' is actually a stripper who danced for Yoochun's group. She herself did not make any accusations toward Yoochun, but she's already been investigated by the police and has given her witness.
One employee at the location said, "'N' went into the bathroom to redress herself. Yoochun followed her with a bunch of 50,000 KRW bills (supposedly tip) held in his hand."
Another employee said, "It's true that Yoochun followed 'N' into the bathroom. But I don't know what happened in there."
A lawyer talked about Yoochun's controversy on 'Section TV'.
MBC's 'Section TV' covered Yoochun's recent controversy. The police had recently revealed that they were going to take DNA from Yoochun's mouth to compare with the male DNA evidence, and that the process would take less than a week.
However, even if the DNA matches, it would not be enough evidence to sentence Yoochun with sexual assault. A lawyer was interviewed on the show, who said, "The DNA evidence will only tell if Yoochun had sexual relations with the plaintiff. It's not enough to prove that the relationship was forced." 
The lawyer added, "For sexual assault, how detailed and consistent the plaintiff's witness is very important. Accounts of people that were at the same place, as well as the layout of the location can become very important evidence."
KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay' covered Yoochun's controversy.
He was interviewed after his 8 hour investigation, where he said, "I'm sorry for concerning so many people. I will comply diligently to the police investigations."
The police also said, "It won't take longer than a week [to see if Yoochun's DNA matches the evidence DNA]. There could be more investigations if needed." Currently, the police are considering extra investigations because there is a lot to consider.
According to SBS, Yoochun has been cleared of sexual assault charges in the first and second cases submitted against him.
The JYJ member has been embroiled in a controversy with sexual assault claims dating back to 2014. Four employees of an adult entertainment bar filed formal complaints against the celebrity for assaulting them in restrooms, but after 3 weeks of investigation, police have cleared him of charges in the cases of the first two women to file suits against him.
Police found that though Yoochun did "shock and embarrass" the women, there was lack of evidence of use of force or threats. In the case of the first accuser, her boyfriend and cousin were found to have blackmailed Yoochun for 100 million Won ($86,568 USD) in exchange for keeping quiet about his sexual relations with the woman. 
A powerful gang was allegedly involved in Yoochun's supposed settlement with the first woman who brought a sexual assault case against him.
Most recently, police denied that Yoochun was cleared of any sexual assault charges despite previous reports, and C-JeS Entertainment has stated its intent to comment only after police investigations are finalized. However, there are now reports that there's even more to the already seedy story. 

According to a live news report by Channel A on July 8, the first alleged sexual assault victim withdrew her case after blackmailing Yoochun for 100-150 million Won (~$129,796 USD) as previously reported but not confirmed. The news station also reported that Yoochun made a deal with the accuser to sue her for defamation of character in exchange for the money, which she reportedly accepted.

Allegedly, it was members of the powerful gang Yangeunipa to hand off the settlement money to the accuser's side. Reports are alleging that the father of C-JeS Entertainment's CEO, Mr. Baek, has very strong ties with the gang and may possibly be a leader of the organized crime group. 
On July 15, Gangnam Police Station revealed that they officially forwarded their findings to the prosecution about Park Yoochun being not guilty of sexual assault due to difficulty in proving the use of force.

However, the police declared that the nature and code of conduct of the sexual acts between Park Yoochun and the first individual who pressed charges against him (hereafter referred to as “A”) to be solicitation of prostitution. Furthermore, since Park Yoochun had promised to pay A before having sex and failed to pay, he has also been charged with fraud.

The police were able to find evidence of this through restored text messages on A’s cell phone. Following their sexual encounter, A had messaged a friend about being promised money for sex with Park Yoochun.

Thus, the police sent their recommendation of indictment to the prosecution with charges of solicitation of prostitution and fraud for Park Yoochun. Likewise, A has been recommended for prostitution charges.

Furthermore, the police have also forwarded their findings about the second individual (hereafter referred to as “B”) who pressed charges against Park Yoochun. The police declared that B’s claims are false.
However, the third and fourth individuals were not charged with false accusation. The police stated that it is not valid to declare them guilty of false accusation just because the use of force was difficult to prove.

In regards to Park Yoochun pressing charges of false accusation and blackmail against A, A’s boyfriend, and A’s cousin; the police have acknowledged that the three individuals are guilty of blackmail. The police have stated that they will have a supplementary investigation regarding the charges of blackmail and forward their findings after doing so. They also confirmed that the DNA on the underwear A submitted proved to be a match for Park Yoochun.

Park Yoochun’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, responded to reports of him being charged with solicitation of prostitution and stated, “We cannot acknowledge the police’s recommendation of indictment for charges of solicitation of prosititution as it is completely different from the truth. We once again clearly state that there is no truth to Park Yoochun soliciting prostitution. We will cooperate with the prosecution’s investigation so that his innocence will be proven.”

The Seoul Gangnam District Police stated that it was difficult to determine that there was force involved in the sex from the accounts given by the women, Yoochun, and witnesses, because there was no violence or threatening involved.
According to this, the police will be concluding their investigation on Yoochun's alleged sexual assault cases, and forward the case to the prosecutors on the 14th or 15th.
A rep from the Gangnam District Police Station stated on July 7, "It's not true. The investigation against Yoochun is still ongoing. It has not been decided whether he will be cleared of charges." 
Earlier today, SBS reported Yoochun had been cleared of charges in the first and second sexual assault cases filed against him. It was further reported that the first accuser, her boyfriend, and her cousin were facing arrest warrants for blackmail. However, none of these updates can be confirmed after official word from the police.
Yoochun's agency C-JeS Entertainment also commented, "We will give our official statement when the police investigation has finished."
“I want to go down really well. I’m preparing to do that right now. By going down, I don’t mean leaving this industry, but I think I’ve reached my peak as a singer and an actor. I think it will be difficult to maintain that. So I need to get down as best as I can. That’s my homework for the future.”
yoochun interview before miltary
I’m not bluffing for the interviews, I really did request a reexamination. I tried to eat well and get healthier to enlist [as an active soldier]. But in the end, the hospital said I couldn’t. I was so disappointed. Apparently asthma is like rat poison in the army. If you are not careful, it could be life-threatening, so they told me I couldn’t do it
from YBD
MBC’s ‘PD Notebook’ recently apologized for not airing a statement by Park Yoochun’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, as well as lying that the agency provided no response on June 28th’s episode. The show apologized afterwards stating, “We sincerely apologize to viewers regarding the conditions we failed to confirm. We’d also like to express our deepest regrets to C-JeS Entertainment. We will bring you better broadcasts in the future with more thorough information.”
Along with the apology, the statement that concerns Park’s ongoing sexual assault case by C-JeS Entertainment was also revealed.
“Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.
This is our response to your request for our cooperation regarding the June 28th episode for ‘PD Notebook’. From the previous reports on the situation until recent, our viewpoint has not changed. Many media outlets have requested interviews, but we are unable to consent to any.
Due to inaccurate reports on unconfirmed situations regarding the continuous investigation, Park Yoochun’s image has been damaged. We want to continue on and do anything we can to repair Park’s honor and reputation.”
Previously, Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault by four individuals. He then sued the first two individuals for false accusation and other charges.
Korean actor Park Yoochun is apparently one lucky man. Not only is he being acquitted of four rape charges, but he still continues to enjoy the solid support of fans.
On Thursday, HelloKpop conducted an online survey with the question: “Would you still support Park Yoochun?” The entertainment website noted that the one-month investigation was a big blow to the friend of “Descendants of the Sun” actor Song Joong-ki.
The former JYJ member was stressed by the negative publicity surrounding the sexual assault accusation made by four separate women employed at bars. There are even hints that he made payments to silence the first accuser which is why she dropped the charges.
The actor’s career was placed on hold and even the premiere of his movie “Lucid Dream,” initially scheduled for release in fall, was reportedly cancelled.
However, although some followers left him because of the scandals, majority stayed. Results of the survey showed that 92 percent said they will always keep the faith. The other 4 percent said what Park Yoochun is wrong even if he was not convicted, and 4 percent had no opinion. So far, there were more than 6,000 fans who had responded to the online survey.
Even ahead of the formal acquittal, it seems Park Yoochun’s career has a second chance since his other movie “Sea Fog” is set for official release in the U.S., according to JYJ3 site. The film, which has Kim Yun-seok as co-star, is about a fishing boat crew that takes on a dangerous task to smuggle illegal immigrants to Korea from China.


Dwieka Wulan said...

Thank you so much. Im teary rn. I will always support yoochun. Once again, thanks. N i also wish that one day we could see yoochun n daniel work together.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for speaking up for Yoochun. Your attention to detail is commendable and your background in criminology definitely helped me see things in ways I had not considered before.

Senssi Jeong Kim said...

Thanks for this.... I'm not a pscicologist or a psichiatrist, but from the first time I was sure they were lying, thanks for proving me I wasn't wrong. I believe in YooChun, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Once again I thank you for sharing your opinion and criminology knowledge, it was well explained and easy to understand

ps. the main points you mention are exactly the same I was telling one of my friends of why I didn't believe in the words of the women.

Anonymous said...

I'm not yet done with this so I'll need to come back and read the second half at a more decent time lol but it's definitely an interesting read.
I do have a question about the first part I did read though before moving on.
Why are you assuming no physical injuries happened? With the exception of woman A, all the accusations were from a while back - and so technically they could have healed. I know that if they went to a hospital for example there would be a record which they should have used as evidence, but what if their injuries were nothing more than cuts and bruises and so they didn't really need a hospital for that - especially if they had to answer to how they got the injuries?
Woman A's story is irrelevant now given that she is proven to have lied.

(Btw, I'm not against Yoochun - I am just genuinely curious as there might be facts about the case I don't know. I'm also trying to clear Yoochun's name is my mind regardless of the public opinion and so I need to close as much loopholes we possible with evidence to get there!)

Danfansgroup said...

First there are very less chances of having mild bruises,in a rape,if you are not drugged,and again when you put that it happened four times,its impossible, that's why I use the figure 82%,who need hospital services instead of the figure 100% who got physical injuries, and as I said before the rape happened in bathroom,(not in victim bedroom or accused bedroom not in bushes or alley,like many,real cases) Which means they have 10 times more chances of getting serious injuries,specially on elbow,knees neck and head.
Secondly I am saying it on the basis that they didn't even mention that they got physical injuries from him,even pulling her hair,or pinning her hands tightly, Which explain in second part that its the sign of false accusations, even fake stories put a little sign of force in their stories,thats mean these girl don't even have an idea how rape happens.
3rd Four time rape of different ppl without any big injury is not possible.its hard to imagine,how rape really happened for normal people,thats why many think its possible but its definnataly not. I made you imagine think how hard it is to grab a fish,after you catch it,with bare hands because its constantly moving,its not happened only because its slippery as many think but because its constantly shaking,trying to get away,again in the water. I am using fish cause its struggle constantly,as a girl would do atleast for 10 minutes, now imagine if it has hands and it was also constantly screaming,which you also don't want to happen. its way bigger in size,you not only need to hold it but want it to calm down so you could perform something on it,How hard it is for you to do that,you don't have any weapons to threaten it,you didn't drug it. They only way left for you is to beat it,beat it so it get the message to behave, So what happened nearly always in rape cases that rapist beat them so hard that they broke their arm,or leg or both,or there muscle ripped,or they get inner injuries,the pain made them to shutup,or they aren't able to move their body parts,often victim goes in coma from hurting their neck or head,specially girls private parts got ripped and need surgery, its on the level that sometime victim end up dying in between rape, with that kind of real cases,you think you could believe that Yoochun rape four people WITHOUT hurting them as I said before these girls didn't even said they were even slapped by him.which is so common that it happened in 100% cases.
if I agree with you that all four got minor bruises,but when they came out of that attach bathroom RIGHT AFTER THE RAPE, just think how they were looking,bruises everywhere,in their revealing dress,it was also torned from places, eyes red,their throat horse from screaming,ans specially shock expression from trauma, if you saw a person like this,what would you think that she had a con sexual sex in bathroom, will definitely guess that something is wrong. So the 11 men didn't do anything,as I said before,its either black or white,All mens are horny,But only conscious stop them. if they have conscious,they would stop him,if they don't they will be gang raped.Forget about the men there are employees there, they saw the same thing too,they would have said a thing,to their mangers,which these girl said don't want things like that in their bar, or they said to the police,or to press,as they didn't seem much hesitant in commenting against Yoochun,or the police would have seen it in cctv, The story have so many plot holes,as a criminology lover I can write a book about it

Danfansgroup said...

Hospital don't have authority to ask why the injures happened,if a patient don't want to say anything, until its gunshot. That's why many rape cases left unregistered,cause the victim don't want to complain. Normally in cases I read girls said they fall from stairs or cycle,until its not their private part,(which victim also lie sometime that masturbating wen't wrong).doctors can't say 'no you are lying you broke your arm in rape'

Amani said...

Thank you so much really.. now I totally believe Yoochun is innocent thanks to you. I'm relieved and sad at the same time that Yoochun was falsely accused and his life is ruined now because of a lie... I can't imagine how his condition is right now.

Angela said...

You deleted my comment? You are really shameless. I questioned your "research" methodology, and instead of responding properly and correcting your work, you decide to delete and censor my criticism - which, again, has nothing to do with your conclusions, but your METHODS. You use male-supremacist ("Men's Rights") websites as sources, and you make outright false claims that academic "studies" came from Yale when that is just patent nonsense (even the original post did not dare to claim that his statistic was based on a study!). I know you are desperately trying to defend Yoochun but please, this is not the right way to do it. There are better ways. You are doing him and other women a disservice.

Danfansgroup said...

I am sorry but I think its a misunderstanding,I didnt delete your comment,I dint even recieve your comment,did you check if it came here,I dont have comment modification,cause I am open to anything I said,might be an error from your pc,thats aside.
What are you talking about did you read the article its from Yale university,secondly I didnt give you one study from yale but gave you two different links of two different studies one from yale another collected from four different places both said 50% cases are flase,So judging from your comment I guess you really didnt open these links,secondaly even if 50% is wrong,which is not, 10% is right,which I actually use for this article
I gave many figures,and my whole article is actually based on study by goverment which said 82% need medical services,Did you even read the article,there are soany things,I don't even need false men accuse figure to prove the girls wrong,MANY MANY things are there to proof them wrong

Danfansgroup said...

Wow! so women can fight for other women but men can't fight for other men,double standard I say,I think you should read the article AGAIN and if you can't see it this picture will help you, OR again there is another link to support 50% if you don't want to accept MEN ORGANIZATION data,as they have no right to speak for their self or collect data

Senssi Jeong Kim said...

Hi!! It's me again... I'm translating your article (two parts) and I'll going to do it as closely as possible. Can you give me the link or the archive for the second video in the first part?? It's the one about the karaoke room. My mail is
Thanks again!!

Danfansgroup said...

I mail you the video,with attach file :)

Laura Kim said...

Thanks so so so so much, I knew YooChun didn't do it, the evidences that were stuck in my mind somewhere you put all them at the front. Now I can slap this article on every hater's face. :D

Laura Kim said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for attention to Yuchun's case. But there is soem error.
You wirte that "People only notice from Gahi statement, that the person is PERHAPS Yoochun"
But that's not true. Gahi metioned it on 28th Ded. 2009. She said that she dated him 5 months ago.
But Yuchun didn't dated with Gahi at that time. It is true.
They dated on before 2009.
So correct that sentece.

Danfansgroup said...

Can you send me proof of what you said,or I will have to ONLY put your comment's screenshot as indication to the fact,which btw will not be much convincing, I read this thing from fans before,but as I am not a fan of Yoo chun myself,I don't know much,I can only search recent article as old article are hard to find. I don't even know, what to search for in the matter.I will also tweet your comment hopefully some other You chun fan could help us out

Anonymous said...

Here is the link of Gahi article. It's written in Korean.

Most fans said that Gahi and Yuchun dated aroun 2004.
This article Gahi mentioned another man not Yuchun.
It is definitely true.

I don't understand why you mentioned Gahi.
Please correct your sentence.